The Modern EHS Compliance Playbook

How Building Materials Companies Digitize the Compliance Journey

With the Senate’s recent passing of the Infrastructure Investment Act, cement, concrete and aggregates companies are preparing for even more scrutiny around their environmental and safety compliance operations over the next five years. To strengthen their defense against legal risk and compliance violations, building materials companies are quickly transforming their paper records and manual workflows into digital to mitigate risk and drive efficiency.

Hear a summary of the Modern EHS playbook that leading concrete, aggregates, cement and asphalt companies are following to adopt a modern, paperless workflow that sets them up for maximum visibility, accountability, and compliance across the organization.

During this webinar, you will discover how to: 

  • Create a faster, more efficient, and compliant virtual environmental and safety process
  • Automate traditionally manual and paper-based processes 
  • Improve the accuracy and timeliness of your inspections, tasks/corrective actions, and more
  • Drive intelligent safety and environmental decisions with data and analytics

We can all agree that it’s time to look forward and turn the page on traditional environmental and safety processes. Join our next webinar to see Mapistry experts map your journey to modern EHS workflows. 

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Courtney Wilson, Director of Compliance Solutions

Courtney leads Mapistry’s Compliance Solutions team, which works with customers on developing compliance programs, addressing specific permit or regulatory issues, and training teams on best practices. She is a licensed civil engineer with a passion for stormwater BMP design and program development. She works closely across multiple teams at Mapistry to ensure the technical capabilities of the software meet the needs of EHS programs across the United States.

Selene Jones, Customer Success Manager

Selene is a Customer Success Manager focused on helping Mapistry customers achieve maximum value out of their solution. Before joining Mapistry, Selene worked in Fintech and Wealth Management. During this time she worked closely with customers to ensure that their needs were being met. Before this, Selene studied Business at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. Her liberal arts education at Puget Sound introduced her to the different eco-conscious businesses and entrepreneurs who are finding innovative solutions to environmental problems.