Managing Air Compliance in a Digital World

Introducing the Mapistry Air Suite

With the EPA’s recent focus on air compliance, regulatory scrutiny and enforcement surrounding air quality is growing both nationally and regionally. As a result, industrial companies are under enormous pressure to maximize the quality and performance of their air compliance operations. Luckily, the Mapistry team is excited to announce the release of new air compliance management features designed specifically to solve the enormous burden, cost and complexity of air compliance.

Watch this webinar to see Mapistry’s new air compliance features in action. We’ll demonstrate how leading industrial sites can avoid risk and improve cost-efficiency by embracing data-driven approach to managing air compliance. Additionally, learn about:

  • The latest air quality regulations and risks impacting heavy industrial sites
  • How to digitize air permit tracking
  • Leveraging technology to automate track-out and visual emissions monitoring
  • Optimizing air compliance with production logging


Ryan Janoch, Founder of Mapistry

Ryan is the founder and COO of Mapistry, an environmental compliance software platform that minimizes risk for the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies. He is a licensed professional engineer with experience in environmental program development and implementation for hundreds of industrial sites, including ready-mix concrete plants, metal recyclers and bulk marine terminals all over the U.S. He has led multi-disciplinary teams to develop new regulations and testing protocols as well as served on a regional air board, state regulatory stormwater committee, and national industry committees. He has an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland and a BS in Biology and Geology from Tufts University.

Maya Colato, Head of Customer Success, Mapistry

Maya graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology with a focus in Animal Health and Behavior. This unique curriculum gave her a foundation for understanding how organisms function in their environment from a molecular to ecological level. Taking courses under the Environmental Science, Policy and Management Department, she was also able to study the relationship between society and the environment.

Maya has 6 years of experience in the veterinary field and recently made the decision to switch career paths in order to help the community make positive changes in an ever-changing climate.