Leveraging Technology for Air Compliance

How to Build a More Efficient & Resilient Program

The landscape of air compliance for industrial and manufacturing companies has changed dramatically in recent years. What used to be merely a burdensome obligation is now becoming an increasingly technical and risky part of environmental compliance operations. Instead of grappling with manual data entry, paper logs, and complex Excel spreadsheets for tracking air permitting reporting compliance, today’s business leaders need to embrace technology and digital transformation to keep pace with the speed and complexity of air permitting requirements.

To help you thrive in this new reality, download this webinar to learn how industrial and manufacturing leaders are adopting Mapistry’s technology platform to simplify the way they manage and track their air permitting and compliance obligations.

During this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how technology is transforming all aspects of traditional air compliance management — from track out inspections, to throughput monitoring, air equipment inspections, and tracking and reporting on emission limits.

Other topics we’ll covering:

  • Use cases and best practices for air compliance management technology
  • Digital workflows for managing and tracking emissions factors and limits
  • Analytics for visualizing and analyzing air permitting data
  • Live demo of Mapistry’s newest Air suite features — digital emissions library, real-time emissions calculations and reporting


Ryan Janoch, Co-Founder, Mapistry, Inc. 

Ryan is the founder of Mapistry, which provides environmental compliance software to world’s leading industrial facilities. He is a California licensed professional engineer with nationwide experience in program compliance for hundreds of industrial sites, including ready-mix concrete plants, metal recyclers and bulk marine terminals.

He led the team that developed the New Jersey protocols for testing and evaluating storm water treatment devices and serves on the Water Environment Federation’s national committee for standardizing storm water practices and products (STEPP). Ryan is a former member of the State of Virginia’s Stormwater BMP Clearinghouse Committee, which is responsible for establishing BMP pollutant removal efficiencies. He has a MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland and a BS in Biology and Geology from Tufts University.

Amber Smith, Product Manager, Mapistry, Inc.

Amber has a dual degree in Environmental Science and Geology from California State University East Bay, with a focus in hydrology and hydrogeology. She is currently attending Johns Hopkins University to obtain her MS in Environmental Science and Policy. She spent most of her adolescent years living in the small mountain town of Big Bear, where she acquired her love for the environment and pledged her life to protecting it.