Environmental Compliance Platform

Minimize risk exposure with Mapistry

Amidst today’s increasing regulatory responsibilities, technology transformation, and new and threatening legal risks, it’s becoming harder than ever for industrial companies to effectively manage their environmental compliance programs. To prepare for this new reality, the world’s leading manufacturers are using the Mapistry platform to ensure environmental compliance and protection against legal and regulatory risks. It provides an easy and intuitive workflow to capture, manage, and track all stages of the environmental compliance lifecycle with ease.

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Industrial Leaders Trust Mapistry

Identify and address compliance gaps

Mapistry’s real-time data and reporting dashboards help industrial sites quickly pinpoint and problem-solve compliance gaps early — before they become bigger problems.

  • Quickly run inspection reports
  • Immediately track when corrective actions are logged
  • Measure discharge pollutant levels
  • Get notified if you are trending close to the legal limit
  • Capture and analyze water sample reports

Eliminate the risk of missing or lost data

Never risk important compliance documents or data getting lost in the paper shuffle again. Mapistry offers a central access point to manage and track compliance data and documents, it also provides a rich analytics dashboard for 24/7 visibility and insight into compliance health.

  • Develop and update mandatory site maps
  • Schedule, assign, and perform digital inspections
  • Build and retain mandatory compliance plans including your SWPPPs, HMBPs, SPCC Plans
  • Ensure quality control with centralized Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Track and analyze performance across all your data — from inspections, laboratory samples, exceedances, and corrective actions

Comprehensive software for ensuring environmental excellence