EHS Management Software

Avoid risk and maximize efficiency across your environmental and safety operations

Amidst today’s increasing regulatory responsibilities and new and threatening environmental and safety risks, it’s becoming harder than ever for companies to effectively manage their EHS programs. To prepare for this new reality, the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies are using Mapistry’s software to ensure compliance while maximizing efficiency, transparency and collaboration in their operations.

Our powerful and intuitive online dashboard and mobile app provides companies with automated workflows to effortlessly capture, manage, and track all stages of the environmental compliance lifecycle with ease. This results in increased work capacity, higher productivity and better execution.

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Industrial Leaders Trust Mapistry

Identify and address compliance gaps

Mapistry’s real-time data and reporting dashboards help industrial sites quickly pinpoint and problem-solve compliance gaps early — before they become bigger problems.

  • Quickly run inspection reports across teams, sites, and regulatory areas (stormwater, wastewater, hazardous materials, air, SPCC, safety, COVID-19)
  • Immediately track the status of tasks and correction actions
  • Measure discharge pollutant levels
  • Get notified if you are trending close to the legal limit
  • Capture and analyze water sample reports
  • Leverage powerful air emissions tracking and reporting

Eliminate the risk of missing or lost data

Never risk important compliance documents or data getting lost in the paper shuffle again. Mapistry offers a central access point to manage and track compliance data and documents, it also provides a rich analytics dashboard for 24/7 visibility and insight into your compliance health.

  • Develop and update mandatory site maps
  • Create and manage a complete and accurate audit trail of compliance activity
  • Build and retain mandatory environmental compliance plans including your SWPPPs, HMBPs, SPCC Plans
  • Conduct safety audits, inspections and mandatory COVID-19 response planning
  • Ensure quality control with centralized Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Track and analyze performance across all your data — from inspections, laboratory samples, exceedances, and corrective actions

Save staff time with simplified workflows

Mapistry’s intuitive process makes EHS compliance management as painless as possible. We automate and streamline workflows from start to finish — this includes compliance planning across regulatory areas (environmental and safety), comprehensive inspections, corrective action management, historical reporting, task assignments and execution.

  • Instantly log inspections and corrective actions from the convenience of any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer
  • Empower distributed teams with real-time access to field tasks, assignments, and deadlines
  • Gain instant visibility into your compliance status with comprehensive reporting
  • Easily document compliance tasks and attach photo evidence or detailed notes for supporting evidence

Single software solution to maximize compliance and avoid risk

Mapistry makes it possible to get an up-to-date and accurate read on compliance performance across facility locations, regions, and even compliance areas and functions — including stormwater, wastewater, hazardous materials, air, SPCC, safety, COVID-19, and more. Plus, we provide the top-down governance, control, and reporting capabilities that companies need to accelerate accountability and visibility into their EHS program to not only boost staff efficiency, but also to strengthen collaboration and coordination across teams, job sites, and functions.

“Mapistry’s software provides us with the reporting and insight we need to stay on top of our environmental requirements.”

Todd Ravazza, Northern California EHS&S Manager - Oldcastle Infrastructure