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Smarter Environmental & Safety Analytics

See how Mapistry is transforming compliance data into action.

To proactively limit risks associated with environmental and safety compliance, industrial companies are using Mapistry’s new analytics platform to break down data silos to provide better visibility and integration across the enterprise.

See an end-to-end demo of how scalable EHS analytics dramatically reduces the time, cost, and liability of compliance.

Industrial Leaders Trust Mapistry

Identify and address compliance gaps

Mapistry’s real-time data and reporting dashboards help industrial sites quickly pinpoint and problem-solve compliance gaps early — before they become bigger problems. Take a proactive approach to EHS compliance with ready-made, interactive dashboards that create accountability and recognize progress. 

Avoid surprises with configurable alerts

Check your compliance performance and set proactive alerts to notify the appropriate individuals or teams if red flags arise, like exceeding permit limits, missing mandatory inspections or if your facilities are trending below company benchmarks or KPIs. Managers can precisely identify critical events with alerts that trigger only when a specific set of conditions are met.

Save staff time with simplified workflows

Mapistry’s intuitive process makes EHS compliance management as painless as possible. We automate and streamline workflows from start to finish — this includes compliance planning across regulatory areas (environmental and safety), comprehensive inspections, corrective action management, historical reporting, task assignments and execution.

Single software solution to maximize compliance and avoid risk

Mapistry makes it possible to get an up-to-date and accurate read on compliance performance across facility locations, regions, and even compliance areas and functions — including stormwater, wastewater, hazardous materials, air, SPCC, safety, COVID-19, and more. Plus, we provide the top-down governance, control, and reporting capabilities that companies need to accelerate accountability and visibility into their EHS program to not only boost staff efficiency, but also to strengthen collaboration and coordination across teams, job sites, and functions.

“Mapistry’s software provides us with the reporting and insight we need to stay on top of our environmental requirements.”

Todd Ravazza, Northern California EHS&S Manager - Oldcastle Infrastructure