Digitizing Stormwater Compliance

How to Avoid Risk and Stay Ahead of Evolving Regulations

With the EPA’s renewed focus on stormwater compliance as one of its National Enforcement initiatives under the Biden Administration along with heightened pressure from state agencies, regulatory scrutiny and enforcement surrounding stormwater permits is at an all-time high. Not only are facilities being held accountable for much more stringent quality standards, but monitoring advancements are making it even easier to detect stormwater program deficiencies. Thus, industrial operators are becoming even more vulnerable to compliance gaps, fines and even lawsuits.

Download this webinar to learn why facilities and EHS professionals are digitizing their stormwater programs to proactively mitigate these risks while maximizing efficiency. 

Smart and simple stormwater compliance

During this webinar we’ll explore how top-performing industrial companies are building a stronger line of defense against stormwater regulator scrutiny by enabling real-time visibility into compliance health to stop problems before they happen. Additionally, discover tips to avoid the costs and rapidly expanding liability associated with stormwater violations and a company’s lack of oversight.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Stormwater regulatory trends and risks on the horizon in 2021
  • How to automate your stormwater compliance lifecycle from start to finish — from inspections, SWPPP updates, facility maps, laboratory samples, exceedances, and corrective actions
  • Preventing critical requirements and compliance data from falling through the cracks with paperless recordkeeping, a compliance calendar, tasks, and proactive alerts
  • Eliminating tedious paperwork and manual data entry with a smart and simple online dashboard
  • Tips to vigilantly protect against compliance gaps by leveraging real-time visibility and oversight into stormwater performance
  • Ways to empower and hold dispersed teams accountable with access to field data and regulatory limits


Ryan Janoch, Founder of Mapistry

Ryan is the founder and COO of Mapistry, an environmental compliance software platform that minimizes risk for the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies. He is a licensed professional engineer with experience in environmental program development and implementation for hundreds of industrial sites, including ready-mix concrete plants, metal recyclers and bulk marine terminals all over the U.S. He has led multi-disciplinary teams to develop new regulations and testing protocols as well as served on a regional air board, state regulatory stormwater committee, and national industry committees. He has an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland and a BS in Biology and Geology from Tufts University.