COVID-19 Facility Response Kit

Is your facility ready to return to work?

In the unfolding COVID-19 crisis, health and safety protocols are being tested like never before. U.S. industrial and manufacturing companies must rapidly assemble new standards and practices to reduce workers’ risk of exposure. They must also meet heightened OSHA and CDC guidelines.

To help you mobilize your response plan with speed and scale, Mapistry is releasing a COVID-19 Facility Response Kit that provides you with complimentary access to the technology foundation you need to define, implement, and enforce your COVID-19 response plan.

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Easily build and deploy your COVID-19 response plan

Mapistry’s COVID-19 Facility Response Kit provides a simple and effective way to operationalize your preparedness and response plans across your organization. Using guidance from the latest CDC and OSHA protocols, we compiled a powerful assortment of features to ensure you have what you need to maximize the health and safety of your workplace.

Plan Builder

Staff can easily build and take action on their COVID-19 response plans using Mapistry's intuitive and convenient online interface.


Empower staff with a digital checklist to perform COVID-19 inspections with ease.


Provide real-time access to field data to strengthen communication and collaboration.