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Ensuring compliance amidst today’s increasingly complex and rapidly evolving regulatory landscape is harder than ever for environmental, health, and safety professionals. This is especially true because new requirements, increased program scrutiny and new technologies continue to put your program to the test. To help you stay ahead of the curve, Mapistry is joining forces with industry leaders to host a game-changing series of educational webinars. 

Join us every Tuesday morning as we sip our coffee and chat with thought leaders and regulators about emerging issues, tips to ensuring compliance, career development, case studies and more. Each week will feature a new speaker and topic surrounding stormwater, SPCC, wastewater, haz materials, air compliance, and health and safety to arm you and your team with unparalleled industry experience and real world advice. 

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Coffee and Compliance: TMDLs in California and Beyond: What You Need to Know - Rachel Hill, Mapistry Join Mapistry's in-house TMDL expert, Rachel Hill, as she shares how the TMDL amendments will impact California companies under the Industrial General Permit. Hear what changed on July 1st, what companies should be doing and thinking about if they have TMDL requirements, and learn about the national impacts of these changes in other states. We also will talk about Rachel's background as a civil engineer and current law student as she brings a unique technical and legal background to problem solving and TMDLs are one of the challenges that cross over the two disciplines.

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Jul 7, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes
Coffee and Compliance: Haz Waste Enforcement for Transporters of Retail Returns - Dana Palmer, Allen Matkins For transportation companies, shipment returns a normal course of action in their business. However, regulatory agencies and law enforcement are cracking down on the return of goods that could be classified as hazardous waste (e.g. broken goods). This puts transporters in conflict with some provisions of their contracts and commercial law regarding return of goods. Dana Palmer, a Partner with Allen Matkins, will be sharing more about this particular issue of concern for transportation companies and what companies should do about it.Jul 14, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes
Coffee and Compliance: Environmental Management in Port Operations - Deanna Seaman, Northwest Seaport Alliance Deanna Seaman is a 25 year + environmental professional, who got her start in San Francisco dumpster diving to figure out how to implement curb side recycling for the garbage company. Deanna is the Senior Environmental Manager at the Northwest Seaport Alliance and runs the water quality program, including MS4 and industrial permitted operations. We are going to discuss her background and career from dumpster diving to haz waste management to now port operations. We also will be digging into the nuances of environmental management for port operations and the unique challenges these operations can present for environmental professionals.Jul 21, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes
Coffee and Compliance: What is Customer Success for EHS Software - Maya Colato, Mapistry Maya is the Head of Customer Success at Mapistry and brings a background in environmental services to the role. This gives her a unique perspective and ability to help software customers as Customer Success for EHS software users is more than tech support. Come hear what Customer Success means at Mapistry from safety form customizations to success metrics to Quarterly Business Reports and more. Maya will be sharing her journey in tech plus what her team is focused on in 2020 for enabling and empowering companies to build resilient compliance programs with technology.Jul 28, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes
Coffee and Compliance: Sensor Technology for Urban Watershed Monitoring - Erin Rothman, Stormsensor Erin is the founder of StormSensor, which is a technology company for tracking and prevent flooding and monitoring sewage overflows in an urban environment. She previously was in environmental consulting but found a passion building technology to solve environmental problems. In this webinar we will hear her story from consulting to building hardware and software for environmental problem solving. Erin will be covering how a sensor network can help companies and cities understand what is happening in their pipes and how to analyze their data to identify problems in real-time and plan for future projects.Aug 4, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes
Coffee and Compliance: An EHS Career Perspective - Dianne Dejolsvay, 3M Diane is the EHS manager at 3M for their Film and Materials Resource Division. As a PE, CSP, and CHMM she brings a depth of EHS knowledge and technical expertise to 3M's program. She previously was a consultant for 16 years before spending the last 15 years at 3M. Join us to hear her career journey and how she approaches EHS management. Aug 11, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes

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