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Ensuring environmental compliance amidst today’s increasingly complex and rapidly evolving regulatory landscape is harder than ever for environmental professionals. This is especially true because new requirements, increased program scrutiny and new technologies continue to put your program to the test. To help you stay ahead of the curve, Mapistry is joining forces with industry leaders to host a game-changing series of educational webinars. 

Join us every Tuesday morning as we sip our coffee and chat with thought leaders and regulators about emerging issues, tips to ensuring compliance, career development, case studies and more. Each week will feature a new speaker and topic surrounding stormwater, SPCC, wastewater, haz materials and air compliance sure to arm you and your team with unparalleled industry experience and real world advice. 

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Coffee and Compliance: US Supreme Court's Ruling on Groundwater Discharges & the Clean Water Act - Sean Herman, Hanson Bridgett The US Supreme Court ruled that discharges to groundwater via a point source (e.g. an industrial facility or wastewater treatment plant) that reach a surface water can be regulated under the Clean Water Act. Typically, only point discharges to a navigable water are regulated under the Clean Water Act (e.g. need NPDES permits). However in an unusual 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled for the environmental group that was the plaintiff and potentially changed how companies will need to think about their regulatory compliance. Sean Herman, an Associate with Hanson Bridgett, will be breaking down the decision and explaining the impact for companies across the country.May 26, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes
Coffee and Compliance: Safety Lessons Learned From the Building Materials Industry - Dana Glover-Smith, US Concrete The safety sector has been one of the core functions of business operations for the Building Materials industry with it being a heavily regulated space from OSHA to MSHA. Dana Glover-Smith is the Director of Safety for US Concrete and has spent her career leading safety programs in the building materials industry. In this webinar we are going to be talking about her own career path, how the approach to safety has evolved over time and what technology has meant to the role from driver cameras to cloud-based apps. In addition, with the recent COVID-19 outbreak we are going to be discussing how safety has had to evolve with the changes in operating conditions.Jun 2, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes
Coffee and Compliance: Drones for Virtual & Remote Inspections and Data Capture - Adam Rice, Kespry Aerial intelligence is a growing space across industries and especially in the building materials industry. Drones can be leveraged for stockpile data, topographic surveys, and current imagery. However, environmental departments can leverage them too for remote or virtual inspections and data capture. With COVID-19 forcing companies to be creative in their approach to operations, drones have risen as a way to ensure social distancing but still capture the necessary information. Adam of Kespry is going to be sharing how their customers are using drones today and where the industry is going for remote and virtual inspections and data capture.
Jun 9, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes
Coffee and Compliance: Haz Waste Enforcement for Transporters of Retail Returns - Dana Palmer, Allen Matkins For transportation companies, shipment returns a normal course of action in their business. However, regulatory agencies and law enforcement are cracking down on the return of goods that could be classified as hazardous waste (e.g. broken goods). This puts transporters in conflict with some provisions of their contracts and commercial law regarding return of goods. Dana Palmer, a Partner with Allen Matkins, will be sharing more about this particular issue of concern for transportation companies and what companies should do about it.Jul 14, 20208:00am PDT30 minutes