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Back to Basics in Environmental Compliance with Martin Marietta's Erika Guerra

Creating and maintaining a successful environmental compliance program

Completing required environmental inspections is more than just checking a box. From collecting samples to submitting reports on time, the “basics” of staying compliant are constantly evolving. Environmental leaders need to keep their team well-educated to maintain compliance and prevent fines. Sometimes that means getting their team on the same page and reiterating the basics to ensure a strong foundation for compliance success.

During this webinar, hear our discussion with Martin Marietta’s Environmental Director, Erika Guerra, about the basics of building and operating a successful environmental program.

Some key themes we discussed:

  • Best practices for developing a core environmental compliance program
  • Structuring and training your environmental team
  • Identifying gaps and issues that inhibit compliance

Featured Guest


Erika Guerra

Environmental Director, Martin Marietta

About Martin Marietta

An American-based company, Martin Marietta Materials supplies the aggregates and building materials necessary to construct roads, sidewalks, and foundations. Founded in 1993, they are now a leading supplier for over 26 states, Canada, and the Caribbean.

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