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Water compliance has never been easier

Centralize your water data and requirements, provide company-wide visibility into compliance health

Image of water data analytics dashboard

Analyze water compliance performance from ready-made dashboards

Whether it’s stormwater, wastewater, or groundwater, Mapistry’s pre-configured dashboards with interactive charts and graphs make it easy to spot water compliance trends or exceedances.

See inspection status, sampling results, flow, mass loading, etc.
Filter by location, owner, pollutant, keyword/tag, and more
Set conditional alerts for inspections, tasks, or regulatory limits
Filter data and save custom views
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Automate lab data entry and analysis

Don’t risk water quality deficiencies going unnoticed and unresolved in paper lab reports. Mapistry automatically collects and analyzes sample results against permit limits, notifying you instantly if exceedances are detected.

Easily drag and drop any lab reports (.xlsx, .csv) directly into Mapistry
Push lab data into Mapistry via API
Retain original PDF copies of Lab Reports in your records library
Picture of compliance calendar with upcoming inspection dates

Flexible and configurable forms for inspections and visual observations

Our proven library of water compliance form templates are flexible and adaptable to meet the specific requirements of your facilities.

Tailored to fit each site’s compliance needs — by industrial activity and location
Templates for routine inspections, visual observation, spill response, etc.
Pre-configured with compliance forms, deadlines and frequencies

Never miss reporting deadlines

Set up recurring tasks and create reminders for reporting deadlines or permit renewals.

Visual indicators and notifications on the site dashboard
Configurable email and in-app notifications to owners
Monitor upcoming deadlines on a central Compliance Calendar

Automatically track and record rain events

Keep teams proactively informed and responsive to rain events so they can avoid missing sampling opportunities. Easily build a verifiable record of rainfall amounts, storm durations, and discharge details (photos/notes).

Pull data from the nearest weather station automatically
Mapistry builds a complete rain log for you
Easily prove to regulators that you are on track
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Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance

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