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Centralized platform for hazardous waste inspections

Monitor, manage and track waste compliance with ease

Capture inspections from any smartphone, tablet or computer

Don’t let hazardous waste inspections get forgotten in the paper shuffle. Avoid risk by empowering staff to quickly and easily perform inspections, assign and track owners and deadlines from any mobile app, tablet or computer.

Receive reminders when inspection due dates are upcoming
Inspections are updated in real time, immediately storing to your records
Use waste inspection templates from our library or customize your own
Link GPS/map location of hazardous waste areas
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Create and assign corrective actions and tasks in the field

Ensure issues are identified and corrected quickly by enabling tasks and corrective actions to clearly be assigned and delegated into a visible action plan.

Conveniently embed corrective actions with inspections or log ad hoc
Proactive alerts ensure nothing is accidentally forgotten/missed
Catch small issues early so they don’t grow into larger ones

Link hazardous waste areas from your map to inspection forms

Conveniently link hazardous waste areas in inspections directly to GPS location on your digital site map with photos and annotations.

Provide more clarity and direction to on-site staff
Use maps as a training tool for new team members
Use hazardous waste areas in maps for chemical management plan submittals
Hazardous Waste Site Map

Monitor waste performance with insightful analytics

Visualize and analyze the performance of your waste compliance program within seconds.

See how many corrective actions/tasks were created
Measure how long it takes to resolve issues
Identify and quickly escalate overdue inspections and tasks

Track your waste generator status

Use a simple hazardous waste tracking log to track your monthly hazardous waste generation to instantly visualize how you are trending against regulatory limits.

Set thresholds for SQG and LQG status to quickly analyze regulatory compliance
Get proactive alerts and convenient charts and visualizations
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Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance

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