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Standardize EHS compliance across your facilities

Communicate site-level EHS requirements and expectations in one easy-to-use dashboard

Desktop and mobile visual of custom site dashboards for tracking EHS compliance data

Easily delegate and collaborate on any device

Quickly rollout pre-configured dashboards to monitor performance across all your facility locations and compliance areas — including water, waste, chemical, safety, air, facility maintenance, and more.

Explore company-wide or site-specific charts and trends
Schedule and share reports automatically
Flexible output options including PDF, CSV and png
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Drive better visibility, accountability, and collaboration

Site dashboards breakdown information silos and foster better collaboration by providing real-time access to the latest compliance data, documentation, deadlines and priorities from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Create, delegate and complete compliance tasks
Manage your compliance calendar, frequencies and owners
Track site-level performance against expectations

Data visualizations make it easy track performance

Site dashboards provide data visualizations such as calendar widgets or configurable charts that enable teams to stay aware of upcoming requirements and deadlines.

Quickly identify and act on compliance tasks, gaps or hazards
Easily understand the frequency of the specific requirements
Upcoming and overdue tasks are in the same dashboard
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Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance