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EHS leaders are under pressure to restore continuity and mitigate risk. Today’s health and safety protocols are being tested like never before from mitigating safety threats and analyzing incident causes to handling COVID-19 response and recovery. To maintain control during uncertainty, teams are under heightened pressure to adopt software that will help them proactively advance the performance of their safety compliance programs. 

The Mapistry platform provides powerful safety management and analytics tools to enable EHS leaders to monitor safety performance in real-time and be proactive in identifying and addressing risk. From custom forms to corrective actions, task management, safety analytics and reporting, Mapistry’s Safety Suite offers an easy-to-use and intuitive workflow to make EHS professionals’ lives easier.

Intuitive safety management

Centralize your safety workflow with intuitive digital tools for inspections, regular audits, incident tracking, corrective actions and more.

Scalable analytics and reporting

Access real-time analytics to visually measure the performance of health and safety metrics, and empower your teams to quickly take action.

Intelligent facility mapping

Easily update and inform teams in real-time of the precise location of important health and safety protocols and stations within each facility.

Capture and track inspections and incidents

Mapistry’s Safety Suite allows you to build fully customizable inspection forms. With our intuitive form builder and convenient logging capability, there are no limitations for capturing and reporting on health and safety needs such as incident logs and monthly safety audits. 

Facility staff can quickly run reports, investigate incidents, and even escalate issues by classifying urgency and assigning owners to tasks. Mapistry’s forms play a vital role in the overall health pulse of a facility’s EHS program through consistent documentation, ease of input, and the quality of information within the form. 

Other form examples include: 

  • Workplace Examination Forms
  • PPE Inspections
  • MSHA Forms
  • Annual Eye Wash Station Inspection
  • Annual First Aid Kit and Bloodborne Pathogen Kit
  • Facility Inspections

Assess scalable EHS analytics and reporting

Mapistry offers powerful analytics to quickly visualize and track the performance of your health & safety audits, inspections, incident logs, tasks, and corrective actions. Our easy-to-use filters and interactive charts make it simple to analyze trends and take action.

For example, you can quickly assess inspection completion rates, your team’s time-to-close, and benchmark site performance against internal KPIs. We also offer customizable alerts to notify owners if problems occur such as safety compliance gaps, missed inspections, or facility performance trending below targets. Additionally, Mapistry’s environmental data can be reviewed alongside health and safety metrics for deeper insight to monitor global EHS site performance and build transparency and accountability across teams. 

Integrate intelligent facility mapping

Mapistry’s Safety Suite also harnesses the power of intelligent facility mapping. Inform teams of the exact location of important safety and health protocols such as washing stations or employee isolation rooms. 

Industrial facilities are essential, operating around the clock. So, there is a greater need to keep records around PPE availability, risk assessment procedures, IIPP, etc. Mapistry’s mapping tool provides visual representation connecting the physical site to the data. This allows teams to stay connected, ensuring accountability for all compliance obligations. For example, field workers can quickly pinpoint problem areas or safety procedure locations on a digital map and link them to associated tasks, incidents, or compliance plans with a few simple clicks. 

Other examples of how our customers have tapped into the mapping tool for health and safety compliance include:

  • Embedding LOTO (Lockout/Tagout) forms into maps for field personnel to easily see what they need to do for safety processes
  • Pinpoint locations of PPE availability, fire extinguishers, eyewash, evacuation routes
  • Update the map in real-time to represent changes in health and safety protocols 

Build and implement Pandemic Response Plans

During a health crisis, like COVID-19, industrial and manufacturing companies need effective tools to rapidly assemble new standards and practices. This reduces workers’ risk of exposure while adapting to heightened OSHA and CDC guidelines. Mapistry’s response to the COVID-19 crisis resulted in the Pandemic Response Plan Builder, a flexible framework that empowers staff to easily build, enforce, and take action on their COVID-19 response plans and prepare for future pandemics. 

Mapistry’s Safety Suite helps teams get ahead of the curve and emerge from crises stronger. The intuitive and flexible online interface helps mitigate risk and implement systems to prevent problems before they occur.


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“Mapistry’s online dashboard gives me confidence that we are meeting all the stormwater permit requirements through their weather alerts, inspection forms, and BMP deficiency tracking.”

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