Rain Log

Build a verifiable record of stormwater compliance

Stormwater management backed by a digital rain log

In addition to properly sampling, inspecting, and maintaining your stormwater operations, protecting your facility from non-compliance violations and legal action is just as important. With Mapistry, facilities have robust defensive strategies against these risks. Our rain log and weather alerts, in particular, keep manufacturers proactively informed and responsive to rain events so they can avoid missing sampling opportunities and so they have the evidence they need to quickly demonstrate compliance and to avoid or refute violations.

Accurate, up-to-date weather data to keep you in compliance

Typically, EPA complaints and 60-day notices of intent to sue include a list of days with rain events when violations occurred. If your facility cannot demonstrate compliance on these days, violations can carry a crippling $53,484 per day civil penalty.

With Mapistry’s rain log and complete stormwater management solution, manufacturers can minimize this risk. We automatically build an extensive historical record of your stormwater compliance activities all integrated, cross-linked and stored in a central library — including sampling results, inspections, and corrective actions. This comprehensive digital record provides the powerful evidence you need to demonstrate to lawyers and regulators that you are actively in compliance.

Automated rain logging

Build a historical record of storm events and rain volume and instantly record critical event details such as intensity of rain, discharge levels, outfall location impacts, and more.

Connects with national and local rain gauges

Our rain log interfaces with publicly available rain gauges (like NOAA) — when the gauge closest to your location registers rain, we automatically create a rain log entry. For even more accuracy, we can also pull data from directly from a rain gauge located on-site at your facility via Weather Underground.

Advanced weather alerts

Remembering to sample is easy with Mapistry, we automatically notify your team 24-hours in advance if there’s more than a 50% chance of rain occurring at your site.

Build a verifiable record

Automatically capture and retain storm durations, rainfall amounts, and discharge details (photos and written notes).


Finally, an end-to-end stormwater platform to manage and optimize compliance performance while mitigating risk


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