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Smarter compliance planning, better results

Environmental compliance planning made simple

Mapistry is the ideal platform for environmental compliance planning for manufacturing companies because it guides you through the entire process — from site evaluation and data collection to selecting appropriate BMPs and assigning maintenance and inspection responsibilities. Whether it’s a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP), or an SPCC plan, Mapistry conveniently outlines the requirements contained in these permits to ensure your compliance program is running smoothly.

We don’t just help you with big picture planning, Mapistry’s plan builder allows you to define the details of your plan — you can properly assess your facility, define your industrial activities, and document potential pollutant sources or areas with leak or spill potential. Also,  the Mapistry platform helps you select and enforce the highest impact control measures and best managed practices (BMPs).

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

Leverage our best-in-class industrial stormwater compliance management plan builder, it simplifies the process of identifying and implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs), conducting visual monitoring and sampling, keeping records, and annual reporting.

Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans (SPCC Plans)

Mapistry has built-in controls to automate the development and management of your mandatory SPCC Plans including required site map development to log and update tank locations, spill kits, and unloading/loading areas as well as containment methods and practices.

Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP)

Standardize, control, and maintain the quality of your hazardous materials compliance plans for your facility — from planning, data management, equipment logs, chemical inventory, and even site map development.

How can Mapistry help?

Mandatory planning and BMP management has never been easier

Mobile Access

Designed for easy use with your tablet or smartphone, you’ll have the flexibility to manage your data anywhere, anytime

Inventory Log

Create an inventory of materials and pollutants associated with your industrial activities and characterize how they should be properly stored, handled, and disposed

Customizable Forms

Develop inspection forms to continuously check the integrity of your compliance operations including equipment procedures, storage, etc.

BMP Controls

Easily define and measure your program’s best management practices (BMPs)


Implement a regular schedule for site inspections and maintenance and automatically notify your team 


Finally, an end-to-end stormwater platform to manage and optimize compliance performance while mitigating risk


Spill Prevention

Automate, simplify and attain Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) compliance quickly


Hazardous Materials

The easiest way to build, manage, and track Hazardous Materials Business Plans



Instantly deliver high-impact, interactive online training courses to meet mandated training requirements