Monitoring & Alerts

Return to compliance quickly

Minimize the risk of non-compliance

With industrial environmental regulations in the national spotlight and the threat of citizen-initiated legal action on the rise, manufacturing companies can no longer risk important information — such as pollutant exceedances, unauthorized discharges, or missed inspections — being overlooked or lost in the paper shuffle.

Luckily, the Mapistry platform includes proactive monitoring, alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed of your compliance progress or problems before they turn into a problematic hazards, permit violations, fines and even lawsuits. Whether a deadline is missed, a corrective action is assigned, or sample results are trending dangerously close to the limit, our automated notices help to ensure you prevent oversights and maintain the health of your compliance program long term.

Instantly monitor results across locations

With Mapistry, it’s possible to monitor the integrity and performance of your environmental compliance programs at a glance. From a single dashboard, you can visualize your compliance status across all your facilities and locations in real-time.

Also, continually assessing and mitigating risk is much easier than before. Instead of struggling to find data, documents, and who’s responsible, manufacturing leaders have complete visibility into the health of their environmental compliance programs — they are also able to identify, prioritize and take action on problem areas instantly. Our ability to communicate problems faster via email, mobile, or web alerts makes it easier than ever before to resolve issues quickly. Liability and risk is also improved because you have everything you need to detect, respond, prevent environmental compliance problems.


Finally, an end-to-end stormwater platform to manage and optimize compliance performance while mitigating risk


Spill Prevention

Automate, simplify and attain Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) compliance quickly


Hazardous Materials

The easiest way to build, manage, and track Hazardous Materials Business Plans



Instantly deliver high-impact, interactive online training courses to meet mandated training requirements