Hazardous Materials Suite 

The best way to manage hazardous materials compliance

The new era of manufacturing

Achieving the highest standard of hazardous materials compliance

The rapid growth and consumerization of manufactured products has vastly increased the complexity and risk of handling hazardous materials. It’s critical that manufacturing companies adapt to this new reality — they should no longer be relying on old methods like paper, email, excel or legacy technology to manage environmental compliance. Toxic chemicals are too dangerous and too unpredictable to mismanage, especially when the health of your business, the public, and environment are at risk.

To confront this challenge, the world’s leading manufacturing companies are quickly adopting Mapistry’s hazardous materials module to help them completely transform and modernize the way they manage and maintain hazardous materials compliance.

Stay ahead of hazardous materials risk

Ensure compliance requirements are met — and work is done right the first time

The unpredictable and dangerous nature of handling hazardous materials has brought about operational and legal challenges for industrial facilities facing complex and costly regulatory requirements. With Mapistry, you can feel confident that your facilities are achieving the level of quality, stability, and performance needed to meet industrial hazardous materials regulatory requirements.

We ensure your hazardous materials compliance operations are comprehensive, continuously up-to-date, well documented and properly maintained.

  • Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP)
    Rapidly develop, update, and track the progress of your HMBP program through a single dashboard.
  • Inspections 
    Ensure equipment handling hazardous materials is structurally sound; schedule, perform and submit facility inspections in real time
  • Mandatory Site Maps
    Quickly and easily create/update facility site maps with Mapistry’s digital annotation tools
  • Equipment/Chemical Inventory
    Create a digital record of all your tools and equipment involved in hazardous materials handling


Discover the breakthrough tools manufacturing leaders are using to ensure continuous compliance across all their job sites


Faster, more accurate digital inspection logs to cover all your industrial environmental compliance needs including SWPPP, SPCC, HMBP, etc.

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Plan Builder

Simple checklists and intuitive design guides you through permitting legal requirements with ease

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Intelligent Mapping

Unlimited mapping capabilities to cover all your compliance needs including stormwater (SWPPP), spill plans (SPCC), evacuation routes, fire extinguisher locations, Haz Materials (HMBP) maps

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Centralized Workflow

Effortlessly capture, manage, and track all stages of the compliance lifecycle

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Automatically store all documentation, build a complete audit trail for future review and analysis

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Monitoring & Alerts

Proactive monitoring, alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed of progress or problems in your environmental compliance program

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Get real-time visibility into compliance health with powerful dashboards and reports

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Corrective Actions

Instantly generate, assign, and track corrective actions for complete compliance integrity

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