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Real-time environmental and safety intelligence at your fingertips

End-to-end visibility and insight into EHS compliance health

Mapistry helps companies work smarter, not harder. Instead of relying on manual and reactive processes for collecting and analyzing EHS data from dispersed teams and facilities via spreadsheets and email, our platform brings all your compliance data and documentation onto a single platform to empower teams with real-time, actionable views of compliance risk and program quality across the enterprise. 

Using our collection of ready-made analytics dashboards, managers can easily monitor the health of their EHS program across all of their facilities and regulatory operations — including air, stormwater, wastewater, hazardous materials, waste, SPCC, and safety. Whether it’s evaluating the progress of routine site inspections or surfacing productivity trends or problems, Mapistry provides a proactive analytics framework to help companies make more intelligent environmental and safety decisions.

Interactive dashboards

Data visualizations offer interactive analysis and filters to quickly discover meaningful patterns and trends. 

Always up-to-date and accurate

Equip teams with the most accurate, up-to-date compliance data and dashboards to avoid gaps and violations.

Flexible sharing options

Easily share dashboards using customizable scheduling and flexible output options including PDF, CSV, and PNG.

Track tasks and measure shared progress

From our tasks dashboard, get up-to-the-minute charts tracking task progress and overall facility performance. This is extremely useful for managers wanting to keep tabs on task volume, status, or completion rates. You can also use a heatmap view to quickly spot facility locations that are falling behind company KPIs. By setting a proactive alert to trigger when your performance drops below a particular threshold, you can always ensure that your facilities are on track with their compliance responsibilities. Additionally, our triggered alerts make it easy to remind you (and others on your team) about upcoming tasks and approaching deadlines.

Analyze inspection metrics in real-time

Ensure that all your facilities stay accountable for completing their compliance inspections. With Mapistry you can easily track how your inspections are progressing and use our broad filtering options to evaluate results by inspection category, site location, or status (complete, incomplete, overdue, upcoming). Managers can easily keep an eye on the quality and health of their compliance programs by measuring the volume of items being created, assigned and closed. Plus, you can also create any custom tag (such as facility type, business unit, etc.) to be able to cluster results in the most meaningful way for your business.

Avoid surprises with configurable alerts

Check your compliance performance and set proactive alerts to notify the appropriate individuals or teams if red flags arise, like exceeding permit limits, missing mandatory inspections or if your facilities are trending below company benchmarks or KPIs. Managers can precisely identify critical events with alerts that trigger only when a specific set of conditions are met.

Leverage the power of an integrated EHS process

Because Mapistry is built on an integrated platform, you can get a holistic view of your compliance performance across all your facilities and regulatory areas from purpose-built dashboards designed specifically to fit the compliance and permit conditions of your facilities  including air, stormwater, wastewater, hazardous materials, waste, SPCC, and safety. This unified framework breaks down barriers to transform EHS data into actionable insight. Additionally, it lets you take a proactive approach with comprehensive analytics on inspections, tasks, and compliance log metrics that create accountability and recognize progress.

“Mapistry’s online dashboard gives me confidence that we are meeting all the stormwater permit requirements through their weather alerts, inspection forms, and BMP deficiency tracking.”

Jim Fuller – Apex Logistics

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