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Manage audits and findings in one central location

Standardized audit procedures across your organization

Track and Analyze Audit Findings

Easily monitor your audit program with ready-to-use analytics dashboards. Track audit findings and corrective actions to closure.

Benchmark facility performance with a heat map
Explore audit findings with powerful drill-down options and granular filters
Measure how long resolution of issues take
See it in Action
map of issues

Checklists aligned to your existing audit program

Provide a fast and reliable way to capture audit response with integrated tracking and assignment of corrective issues identified during audits.

Complete audits from any device, instantly sync to the cloud
Quickly configure audit forms and steps to match requirements
Set schedules and assign audits
Works with or without internet access

Track audit findings and action items

Identify issues, assign follow-up owners, and set deadlines from the convenience of any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Trigger automatic notifications and follow-up reminders via email and in-app
Quickly see outstanding tasks
View photos to verify tasks are completed
Desktop image of custom notification for compliance tasks

Stay on top of mandatory task assignments

Streamline communication around tasks and follow-up actions by triggering tasks notifications through email and the Mapistry dashboard or mobile app.

Get notified when a compliance task is assigned and completed
Receive weekly summary emails of what’s upcoming/overdue

Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance