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Never miss a compliance obligation

Know if there's an issue and receive weekly summaries of compliance information

Create status notifications and triggered alerts

Set up proactive alerts to notify appropriate teams or individuals if red flags arise (ex: missed inspections or trending below company benchmarks). You can also schedule status alerts to regularly inform teams of progress and compliance health.

Set conditional alerts to trigger when things change
Schedule status alerts on a regular cadence
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Get notified when work is completed

Close the loop on communication around tasks and inspections by notifying stakeholders when requirements have been completed.

Configure different alerts for different user roles and forms
Automatically attach PDF summary of the form and any action items

Receive alerts when you are approaching regulatory limits

Prevent compliance gaps by quickly and easily configuring your data logs to trigger alerts and early warnings when your operations are nearing regulatory thresholds.

Assign limits and be notified when you are close to exceeding
Calculations are fast and easy to set up
Convert values from one unit to another
Desktop image of custom notification for compliance tasks

Stay on top of mandatory task assignments

Streamline communication around tasks and follow-up actions by triggering tasks notifications through email and the Mapistry dashboard or mobile app.

Get notified when a compliance task is assigned and completed
Receive weekly summary emails of what’s upcoming/overdue

Get weather notifications, know when sampling conditions are good

We understand how easy it can be to miss a good water sampling opportunity. With Mapistry, receive notifications when a rain event is expected in your area. Have enough time to call your lab and prepare your sample kits in advance instead of scrambling last minute!

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Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance