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As air permit requirements and regulations grow quickly in number and complexity, heavy industrial and manufacturing companies are struggling to keep up with demands. They must be able to navigate rising air quality standards — all while juggling limited staff time and resources. Additionally, as air regulations grow stronger, so do the risks. Today’s industrial operators are facing massive increases to the level of outside scrutiny from regulators and community stakeholders. Businesses that don’t stay ahead of air compliance risk will be confronted with serious and far-reaching legal and financial consequences.

To combat these challenges, Mapistry’s Air Suite offers a complete solution to help industrial and manufacturing companies solve the enormous burden, cost and complexity of air permitting and compliance.

Emissions tracking and reporting

With air permits imposing increasingly stringent emission limits and control requirements, industrial facilities are quickly outgrowing their use of Excel spreadsheets for tracking and calculating emissions levels. These manual methods are prone to error, knowledge gaps when employees leave, and they can be extremely time-consuming and cumbersome for staff to record and track the on-going status of their emissions. Luckily, Mapistry’s Air Suite streamlines and simplifies this process from start to finish. We offer a robust way to log, manage and track your emissions factors and limits from a centralized online dashboard. We not only enable you to build a digital emissions library, but our calculation engine automatically monitors and analyzes emissions levels in real-time and alerts you of any compliance issues so you can avoid unwanted risks and fines. 

Digital track out and visual emissions monitoring

It can be extremely challenging for heavy industrial operators to stay on top of state and regional air permit requirements for visual emissions and trackout — especially because monitoring from multiple sources, multiple times a day, across multiple facility locations can be complex, tedious and time-consuming. To solve this problem, the Mapistry Air Suite completely digitizes these processes and helps industrial and manufacturing companies dramatically reduce the time, costs, and resources required for visual emissions and trackout inspections. With Mapistry, staff can effortlessly conduct visuals emissions and trackout inspections anywhere, anytime from the convenience of their computer, smartphone or tablet. They can also digitally log corrective actions and gain real-time access to inspection reports, tasks, deadlines and critical alerts. This is proven to increase staff productivity and strengthen collaboration and coordination across teams, sites, and functions.

Seamless production logging and analytics

In the face of stricter air permitting standards requiring more frequent production monitoring on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, industrial operators are increasingly not equipped to handle the complexity of these operations on their own. This is largely due to the extensive amount of time, effort, and technical expertise that is required from internal teams. The Mapistry Air Suite alleviates this problem by offering a powerful production logging workflow to streamline and simplify compliance with air permitting conditions — all without putting any extra strain on your internal resources.

Using our intuitive software interface, staff can effortlessly manage, track and analyze production volumes and emission limits with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. Additionally, they can take advantage of real-time monitoring, production log charts, and proactive alerts to identify trends and take action on emissions that are trending dangerously close to regulatory limits. Mapistry also makes it easy to comply with mandatory records retention schedules with our built-in records repository and we provide downloadable reports to simplify regulatory submission or analysis in business intelligence (BI) tools.


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Faster, more accurate digital inspection logs to cover all your industrial environmental compliance needs including SWPPP, SPCC, HMBP, etc.

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Intelligent Mapping

Unlimited mapping capabilities to cover all your compliance needs including stormwater (SWPPP), spill plans (SPCC), evacuation routes, fire extinguisher locations, Haz Materials (HMBP) maps

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Monitoring & Alerts

Proactive monitoring, alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed of progress or problems in your environmental compliance program

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Centralized Workflow

Effortlessly capture, manage, and track all stages of the compliance lifecycle

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Automatically store all documentation, build a complete audit trail for future review and analysis

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Get real-time visibility into compliance health with powerful dashboards and reports

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Corrective Actions

Instantly generate, assign, and track corrective actions for complete compliance integrity

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