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Mapistry is kicking off the new year with some exciting enhancements to our platform including a new look and feel as well as a major upgrade to our mapping data infrastructure.

Over the weekend, our product team updated the look and feel of our platform UI with a new font and styles. The styles are not only pleasing to the eye, but they make it easier and more efficient to navigate the system.

We also upgraded the underlying mapping/location data used in our site map editor through a successful integration with Mapbox. One of the most noticeable changes brought about by this is the overall quality improvements to the maps themselves — specifically, our customers will notice better color, sharpness, and context in their geocoding results.

Old Aerial Imagery:

New Aerial Imagery:

This is especially important because industrial facilities use our intelligent site mapping capabilities to stay in compliance with mandatory stormwater, spill prevention, and hazardous materials regulations. Manufacturers need to be able to use our annotation tools to precisely and accurately mark and update  key elements of their pollution prevention plans and BMPs including discharge locations, potential pollutant sources, equipment/storage areas, spill kits, fire extinguishers, etc.

Lastly, another new feature made available with the new mapping updates is the addition of a terrain map to our toolset which provides hillshades, elevation contours, and landcover data all in vector form. This map view is simple and straightforward and it’s optimized for use with elements in our map design editor such as layers or symbols. Users can also quickly toggle to between all of the different map views — terrain, street, and satellite — from a single navigation menu.

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