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I’m pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with the California Metals Coalition (CMC) to provide it’s membership with access to Mapistry’s comprehensive software platform to maximize collaboration, visibility and control over their environment, health, and safety (EHS) compliance and risk operations.  CMC is a statewide trade association with members representing nearly all sectors of California’s metalworking industry. They bring together some of the most progressive metalworking companies in California. We are honored to partner with them to further our commitment to helping break down environmental compliance barriers through technology and innovation.  California is home to roughly 6,100 metalworking facilities — and in recent years, the risks and complexity of managing environmental compliance has grown exponentially in the metal industry. It’s not only becoming harder for companies to keep up with compliance regulations, but they are struggling with a lack of internal resources and staff time to manage these requirements effectively. Our partnership with CMC expands Mapistry’s ability to help metalworking facilities solve these problems by providing them with the technology innovation and expertise they need to make their compliance operations faster, easier and more efficient than ever before.

What Mapistry tools will CMC members have access to?

As part of this partnership, CMC members will be equipped with a variety of Mapistry’s online tools and automated workflows to help them simplify the way they manage their most critical compliance functions, including: 
  • Stormwater management – Leverage a simple and intuitive online dashboard to manage stormwater compliance from start to finish — including mandatory stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) updates, best management practices (BMPs) and control measures, as well as facility site map updates.
  • Digital facility inspections – Empower teams with a fast and simple way to capture facility inspections and take action on the results anytime, anywhere from the convenience of any tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer.
  • Real-time reporting – Get 24/7 visibility and insight into compliance health and facility performance to proactively diagnose and resolve compliance gaps with our rich analytics and reporting capabilities 
  • Digital recordkeeping – Create a powerful audit trail, easily meet recordkeeping requirements, and empower teams with real-time access field data and compliance documents from Mapistry’s centralized online library.
  • COVID-19 and safety requirements – Keep-up with mandatory health and safety inspections and the latest CDC and OSHA protocols for COVID-19 using Mapistry’s robust digital tools for safety inspections and COVID-19 response
  • Tasks and corrective actions – Give facility workers greater clarity on tasks, priorities and timelines with Mapistry’s intuitive task and corrective action management features. With a few clicks, teams can log, assign, and track work throughout the compliance lifecycle with ease.
Additionally, as part of the partnership agreement, CMC members will receive exclusive discounts if they add-on any of our software suites to manage particular regulatory areas including wastewater, hazardous materials, air compliance, SPCC, and more. “Our partnership with Mapistry couldn’t come at a better time for CMC and our members. The current pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our member’s compliance teams and capacity. Mapistry’s digital compliance solution, combined with the advanced capabilities of COVID-19 response planning will help our metalworking facilities more efficiently and effectively secure compliance,” stated James Simonelli, Executive Director, California Metals Coalition in Mapistry’s recent press release.  

Want to learn more? 

  • Check out our full partnership press release here
  • Download Mapistry’s solution overview 1-pager here
  • Learn more about the CMC and Mapistry partnership here

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