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We’re thrilled to announce that Mapistry has been recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Facility Management Solution Providers by CIOReview for transforming the way industrial manufacturers manage environmental compliance and mitigate legal risk with our cloud-based platform. The CIOReview, a leading print magazine for enterprise IT vendors & buyers, creates an annual listing of the 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing innovative facility management solutions and impacting the marketplace. The main focus of this ranking is to spotlight companies who have successful proven track-records in providing reliable and cost-effective solutions that empower facilities to enhance operations and decision-making. Mapistry was recognized for providing a complete and easy-to-use environmental compliance solution for industrial professionals who are responsible for maintaining the integrity of facility management operations.  “In the past few years, federal and state government have introduced several changes in their policy obliging companies to provide reports electronically instead of the previous paper-based methods. Hence, the ease of identifying violations and frequency of fines and lawsuits has been increased dramatically,” mentions Allie Janoch, CEO & co-founder of Mapistry says in the article. Mapistry’s cloud-based platform helps solve the growing legal risk associated with environmental compliance by making it simple and painless to manage, monitor, and remediate compliance problems before they turn into expensive violations, fines and even lawsuits. It also automates and saves staff time on completing inspections, handling corrective actions, and other actions required across their stormwater, wastewater, SPCC, hazardous materials and air compliance responsibilities.  Mapistry delights customers through more than just fast, easy, and complete environmental compliance software; we also provide best-in-class environmental compliance training and services. Read more about Mapistry and what makes us one of the year’s most promising data center solution providers in the CIOReview article here.

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