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This week we had the opportunity to talk to Derrik Taylor, the Environmental Compliance Representative at Global Medical Response (GMR). After spending the last 20 years in private, municipal, and corporate environments as well as being a consultant for six years, Derrick has accumulated an extensive knowledge background in the EHS field and shared his insight regarding the various challenges he has faced.

As the Environmental Compliance Representative, Derrick highlighted the challenges of communicating the environmental regulatory requirements across multiple site personnel in order to meet their compliance needs. With over 350 bases across the United States, Derrick shared key aspects in his managerial success, including providing various resources and options to address environmental compliance obligations, one being written documents that clearly list the regulations and how they will be addressed. With such a large footprint and over 29,000 employees, Derrick emphasized the importance of communication and streamlined organization tools to remain in line with environmental compliance regulations. 

Check out our full interview with Derrick below!

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