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Each time we sit down for Coffee & Compliance, we learn a bit more about how the industrial world works; this week, we got to speak with Julianne Finkelnburg, an EHS Consultant at Toyota Racing Development USA. Julianne works at a facility that builds the engines for some of the fastest cars in the world! The biggest part of her job is ensuring all environmental regulations are met, so that race car culture can continue! In the state of California, there are a lot of compliance areas to consider, including hazardous materials, spill prevention, and of course, stormwater! 

During the webinar, Julianne shared her journey over the past two years working in this sometimes messy industry and the intelligent decisions she and her team have made along the way to implement best practices and reduce the risk of non-compliance. Learn more about how to create a successful stormwater program from start to finish, using the Mapistry platform and resources!

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