The Mapistry Team

We’re shaping the future of industrial environmental compliance

Allie Janoch

Founder & CEO

Allie is a software engineer, bookworm, yogi, and chocoholic (sometimes all at the same time). After getting her B.S. in Computer Science from the U. of Maryland and her M.S. in Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley, Allie joined IQ Engines to work on image recognition.

After Yahoo acquired IQ Engines in 2013, Allie worked on integrating IQ Engines’ machine-learning algorithms into Flickr. But she soon grew restless, and began searching for a product she could be passionate about.

As an avid hiker, she saw environmental protection as a noble pursuit — and quickly discovered that helping businesses comply with environmental regulations was an underserved opportunity. She left Yahoo to found Mapistry in 2013 with Ryan.

Allie has published and presented on her computer vision and machine-learning research in multiple publications and conferences. She also holds a patent on Automatic Image Piling, and was named one of the Top 30 Under 30 by GreenBiz.

Azad Ratzki


Azad is a software architect, engineer and passionate technologist. His core ethos is that creativity is paramount and that even logical problems should be pursued in that same spirit. When he’s not developing products he enjoys writing music and cooking.

Azad started programming at a very young age, now 33 he has written software for the majority of his life. At 21 he sold his first product Convocator - an ERP software package for the manufactured parts industry. In 2013 he co-founded SiteZeus, a predictive analytics company where he served as the CTO, built the product and ultimately helped grow it into a major competitor in the location intelligence market. An entrepreneur first and foremost, Azad has worked with small companies to large corporations designing user interfaces, web sites, and games to engineering enterprise-scale business systems and frameworks in a variety of programming languages and platforms.

Beyond development he has participated in various engineering initiatives that include contributions to the IETF and W3C; entities that are both responsible for defining many of the protocols people use all around the world. An inventor at heart Azad continues to examine, investigate and create new technologies both in hardware and software. This passion to participate in the creation of new and meaningful technologies is what led him to join Mapistry.

Ryan Janoch

Founder & COO

Ryan is an engineer, carpenter, cook, and backpacker. He’s a California-licensed professional engineer with nationwide experience in stormwater program compliance for hundreds of industrial sites, including ready-mix concrete plants, metal recyclers, and bulk marine terminals.

He led the team that developed the New Jersey protocols for testing and evaluating stormwater treatment devices, and serves on the Water Environment Federation’s national committee for standardizing stormwater practices and products (STEPP). Ryan is a former member of the State of Virginia’s Stormwater BMP Clearinghouse Committee, which is responsible for establishing BMP pollutant removal efficiencies.

In 2015, Ryan was named one of the Top 20 Under 40 in the construction and civil engineering industry by Engineering News-Record, and was also named one of the rising stars in the stormwater industry by Stormwater Solutions. He holds an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland and a B.S. in Biology and Geology from Tufts University.

Lauren Alexander

VP of Marketing & Demand Generation

Lauren has 11+ years of experience running marketing & demand generation for B2B startups and high growth companies. Under her leadership, she's driven double-digit revenue growth, successfully scaled marketing teams, rebranded companies, and has experience consistently sourcing 80-90% of the sales pipeline targeting SMB, Enterprise, and public sector markets. Some of her areas of expertise include orchestrating multi-channel lead generation campaigns (email, webinars, social, ABM, events, and lead nurturing), content development, brand and product positioning, sales enablement as well as funnel growth and optimization. For three consecutive years, Lauren served as a Board Member for the International Association of Business Communicators. Lauren graduated magna cum laude with a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She was awarded the Executive Women in Business Scholarship and earned a Masters in Business (MBA) from Saint Mary's College of California.

Amber Smith

Director of Environmental Services

Amber spent most of her adolescent years living in the small mountain town of Big Bear, California. This was where she developed her love for the environment and pledged her life to protecting it, Captain Planet-style.

Over the past two years, she has prepared countless Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and trained over 200 facilities on stormwater requirements in both classroom and field settings. She prides herself on bringing awareness to stormwater pollution issues, and solving problems for facilities and staff that often have core responsibilities in manufacturing and are not environmental specialists.

She holds a dual degree in Environmental Science and Geology from California State University East Bay, and she is obtaining her M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from John Hopkins University.

Mat Hebert

Director of User Experience

Over the past 10 years, Mat has helped small, medium and large businesses craft their online experiences. From marketing websites to web & mobile applications, he always try to keep the company’s brand at the forefront of his designs.

Utilizing the art of animation is one of Mat’s favorite ways to differentiate one online experience to the next. Originally, a graphic design major at The International Academy of Design and Technology - Tampa, animation was what inspired him to pursue a career in interactive web design.

While not practicing the fine art of UX, Mat enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle, playing the occasional video game, trips to Disney World and hanging with his fiancé Danielle and their dog Roxy.

Andrea Brown

Data Scientist

Andrea is a data scientist and licensed civil engineer. She grew up in Siskiyou County and Humboldt County in rural Northern California. Starting when she was 4-years-old, she spent her summers backpacking and fishing in the wilderness areas along the Pacific Crest Trail in Northern California. She developed a passion for math and the environment early on and decided to pursue a degree in civil and environmental engineering. She obtained a B.S. in Civil Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering from UCLA followed by an M.S in Water Resources Engineering from Tufts University.

Andrea has more than five years experience in the civil engineering industry. As a consultant, she assisted in stormwater management for industrial, construction, and municipal sites. She managed hazardous waste in accordance with environmental regulations. She conducted hydraulic and hydrologic analyses and designed stormwater BMPs.

Throughout her career, she has been data and research focused. She developed regression models to predict disease outbreaks related to water quality. She modeled environmental hotspots using ArcGIS. She built software applications that streamline civil engineering processes. She is passionate about building software tools that simplify abiding by environmental regulations. As the data scientist at Mapistry, she is leveraging the ample publicly available data to create insights that enable simple and effective stormwater management.

Nicholas Avino

Senior Instructional Designer

Nicholas has been designing state of the art eLearning courses for nearly ten years. He began working at a behavior change firm creating interactive, video-based courses to help counselors be more effective with their interventions. After that, then he co-founded a company specializing in interactive film production and immersive learning. Nicholas believes in staying on the cutting edge of learner engagement and education which is why he is thrilled to now be a part of the team at Mapistry.

When Nicky is not in the office he enjoys; camping, cooking, going to music festivals, switching places with his identical twin brother, and coin collecting. Some of his favorite places outdoors are the coastal redwoods of California, and the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Domingo Andujar

Full Stack Engineer

Domingo has been writing software for more than 20 years. He began working in software development in his native Dominican Republic, back in 1995, creating software solutions for Payroll, Human Resources and for Tracking Operator’s Work Hours in call centers. He moved to the USA in 2008, where he continued developing software for a diversity of services, from healthcare, transportation and inventory management to, more recently, executive dashboards and solutions utilizing geolocation and statistical analysis.

Spending time with his family is what Domingo cares and enjoys the most in life. He travels regularly to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where you can find him enjoying a tropical beach or meal surrounded by family. He enjoys watching a good baseball game, especially when the New York Yankees are winning.

Domingo works with a sharp eye to create solutions that really accomplish all the required functionality and produce real benefits and process efficiency. He believes that combining attention to details, a good understanding of the business processes, hard work and good communication with teammates and product owners are the perfect formula for successful software development.

Nick Roberts

Environmental Compliance Manager

Nick is an energetic stormwater nerd who can tell you all the things you never wanted to know about stormwater compliance! Some of his other passions include; hiking, paddleboarding, growing vegetables, camping, spoiling his corgi Teddi, and figuring out how the world works in any way he can.

He became acutely aware of environmental issues in one influential class at high school, AP Environmental Science. This lead him to major in Environmental Science and minor in Geology at UC Riverside.

Working as a consultant for Environmental Health and Safety after graduating college exposed Nick to the world of stormwater compliance. At his previous employment, he worked heavily in the construction field as a stormwater and safety compliance specialist. The opportunity arose for him to start an industrial stormwater division which he took full advantage of, gaining valuable experience building the program from the ground up.

Adam Gooch

Full Stack Engineer

Adam is a polyglot, full-stack software engineer that loves the outdoors. He believes in writing secure, maintainable code that solves real problems and is free of defects. The never-ending pursuit of mastery drives him to always be learning. When he's not behind a keyboard, you'll probably find him at an amusement park, camping, or both.

He discovered his love of technology through a passion for music. That desire led him down a diverse career path including audio visual control systems installation, programming and engineering, cooking, night club DJing, box manufacturing, and software development. He has written applications for desktop, mobile, web, and proprietary hardware solutions.

The variety in experience has taught Adam that great teams build great products, no matter the industry, market, or vertical they serve. He believes he has found one of those teams at Mapistry - where pragmatic technology is helping make the world a better place.

Kristina Tu

Environmental Compliance Manager

Kristina holds dual degrees, a B.S. in Geology and a B.A. in Environmental Studies, that form a unique foundation in both geological and environmental sciences.

Kristina is often found drinking coffee, talking aloud to herself, sitting in gardens, and hugging trees. Not all at once though; that would be weird. Kristina’s passion for the environment started during her first environmental science class when she designed a miniature solar car. This is where she found excitement in developing and building solutions to protect the environment.

Kristina has over four years of consulting experience and specializes in hazardous materials management. She has experience in remediation of unauthorized releases of hazardous materials, environmental compliance, and transport of contaminants in the environment. She has provided a full range of services to clients including preparing facilities for audits, supporting the transport of hazardous materials, reviewing client projects to identify impacts to air, water, and soil, and providing written project-specific environmental requirements and Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Page Rossen

Account Executive

Page is a recent UC Santa Barbara graduate, backpacker and coffee drinker starting her career at Mapistry!

She is a passionate environmentalist who loves hiking with her Australian Shepherd Cairo. Page also enjoys hot yoga classes, reading, and brewing (and tasting) IPAs!

Page graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in education. She received academic distinction in her major and was awarded the Academic Achievement Award. Additionally, while at UCSB Page assisted in various research projects, her favorite was the impacts of the invasive species on the Santa Cruz Island. Page found a passion for environmental protection while in college and is excited to be a part of Mapistry!

Maya Colato

Environmental Compliance Specialist

Originally from Los Angeles, Maya has lived the the Bay Area for the past 5 years. She enjoys hiking, training for the upcoming Big Sur Marathon, and spending time with friends at local beer gardens. Her favorite hikes completed so far include Trolltunga(Norway), Watersprite Lake(Canada), and Besseggen Ridge(Norway).

Maya is a recent Cal grad with a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology with a focus in Animal Health and Behavior. This unique curriculum gave her a foundation for understanding how organisms function in their environment from a molecular to ecological level. Taking courses under the Environmental Science, Policy and Management Department, she was also able to study the relationship between society and the environment.

Maya has 6 years of experience in the veterinary field and recently made the decision to switch career paths in order to help the community make positive changes in an ever-changing climate. She is excited to begin her career with Mapistry!

Dalton Shaughnessy

Account Executive

Dalton recently joined Mapistry as an Account Executive and has over seven years of environmental experience. Previously, he stood-up a nationwide environmental compliance program on behalf a large federal agency, providing technical support and determining long-term program strategy. In support of this, he directed the resolution of audit deficiencies, provided compliance training to facility staff, and conducted on-site facility assessments. Dalton began his career managing the remediation of military munitions and National Priorities List (NPL) sites on U.S. Navy installations, where he implemented novel sampling technologies and sustainable remediation efforts.

Most recently, Dalton served as a management consultant where he analyzed business situations to provide clients with recommendations for effective project and program execution. A recurring theme of his career has been the use of project and information management systems to minimize risk and drive successful implementation of initiatives. He received a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a MA in Environmental Policy from George Washington University.

Julia Ballou

Staff Environmental Engineer

Julia is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a B.S. in civil and environmental engineering (emphasis in environmental). She has always been passionate about the environment and is excited to be starting her engineering career with Mapistry.

She first decided to study civil engineering when she realized her two favorite classes in high school were calculus and environmental science. Engineering seemed like the best way to combine the two! Her passion has only grown since then, and UC Berkeley provided an informative, challenging setting to practice engineering and design. While at Berkeley, she gained valuable experience working for the public works department at a Bay Area city, as well as volunteering in a wastewater lab on campus.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, climbing, drinking tea, looking at cute animals, and doing NY Times Crosswords.

David Van Siclen

Sales Development Representative

David is a recent returnee to the Bay Area, and spends most of his time exploring his new town of El Cerrito, as well as the rest of California. He graduated with honors from American University in Washington D.C. While there, David studied Environmental Science, as well as Sustainable Business and Statistics. He decided that the policy scene wasn’t for him, and found an innovative, new company where he could pursue his interests…

Thanks to his studies and work in D.C., David learned firsthand the causes of excess pollutants in stormwater runoff, as well as the dramatic effects it caused to the Potomac and Anacostia rivers. From designing LID systems to filming documentaries about river restoration, David has explored many aspects of stormwater management, and is excited to continue learning back home in California.