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Centralized platform for hazarous materials and chemical management

Tie chemical inventory to maps, pull hazardous waste areas into inspection forms. Upload updated hazardous material management plans and track amendments.

Centrally track and maintain chemical inventories

Centrally capture and manage all your chemical and hazmat compliance data on a single platform.

Complete inspections, tasks and corrective actions on any device
Easily update your chemical inventories and link hazardous areas to inspections
Link chemical quantity and hazard details to it’s storage GPS location
Immediately sync chemical updates to your site map and records
See it in Action
Chemical and hazardous waste site map

Download inventory in a CERS-compatible upload format

Mapistry’s site compliance dashboards make creating, updating and reporting your chemical inventory a breeze.

Easily download chemical inventory in a CERS-compatible (CA regulatory) format
Quickly export from Mapistry and load into CERS for reporting

Link hazardous waste locations from the map to inspection forms

Conveniently link hazardous waste areas in inspections directly to GPS location on your digital site map with photos and annotations.

Provide more clarity and direction to facility staff
Use maps as a training tool for new team members
Use hazardous waste areas in maps for chemical management plan submittals
See it in Action

Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance

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