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Solving the environmental compliance problem

Environmental regulations impacting the building materials industry are putting concrete, cement and aggregate companies to the test. Not only are they struggling to keep up with the growing number and complexity of regulatory requirements, but they are severely constrained by the lack of internal resources and staff time required to sufficiently meet compliance demands. As a result, building materials producers and suppliers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to quality deficiencies, compliance gaps, fines and even lawsuits. 

To overcome these challenges, the industry’s leading building materials companies are quickly partnering with Mapistry to help them avoid risk and significantly reduce the time and resources required for environmental compliance. We accomplish this by providing them with automated workflows to effortlessly capture, manage, and track all stages of the environmental compliance lifecycle. This results in increased work capacity, higher productivity and better execution.

“Mapistry’s software provides us with the reporting and insight we need to stay on top of our environmental requirements.”

Todd Ravazza, Northern California EHS&S Manager - Oldcastle Infrastructure

The need for better environmental compliance management

Mapistry’s has designed a solution to meet the unique environmental compliance needs of the building materials industry. Our software solution provides a new way to standardize and streamline your environmental programs so you can proactively detect and resolve compliance gaps before they turn into problems. Plus, it offers an all-in-one toolset to maximize compliance across regulatory areas that have the biggest impact on the building materials industry — including, stormwater, wastewater, SPCC, hazardous materials, and air compliance.

Why building materials leaders choose Mapistry?

Maximize compliance with total visibility and control

Mapistry makes it possible for the building materials industry to maximize environmental compliance, with less time and resources. Our powerful online dashboard and mobile app accomplishes this by automating workflows, centralizing data management, enabling real-time reporting, and providing 24/7 visibility and insight into compliance health. We also provide building materials suppliers with the top-down governance and control they need to manage environmental compliance across many regulatory areas and across distributed locations on a local or national scale.

Avoid compliance gaps with extensive documentation

Never risk important compliance documents or data getting lost in the paper shuffle again. Everything accomplished in Mapistry is tracked and retained, providing a complete audit trail of all required compliance activity. By offering a central access point to manage and track compliance data, documents, tasks and plans, Mapistry is helping the building materials industry maximize the quality, speed and accuracy of their environmental compliance program. We’re also providing a stronger line of defense against regulator scrutiny.

Save staff time with simplified workflows

Mapistry’s intuitive process makes compliance management as painless as possible for building materials companies. We automate and streamline workflows from start to finish — this includes compliance planning, existing and upcoming inspections, corrective actions, historical reporting, task assignments and execution. Mapistry also empowers teams with real-time access to field data, tasks, deadlines and critical alerts anywhere, anytime from the convenience of their computer, smartphone or tablet. This not only boosts staff efficiency, it also helps strengthen collaboration and coordination across teams, job sites, and functions.

Eliminate guesswork, achieve compliance with confidence

With the rising complexity and legal risk surrounding environmental compliance impacting the building materials industry, it’s critical to be able to confidently demonstrate compliance to auditors and regulators. The Mapistry platform makes it possible to achieve up-to-the-minute compliance with ease. We provide an easy-to-use interface and structured workflow to monitor and manage compliance requirements across all regulatory areas. This eliminates the guesswork of compliance tasks and prevents important requirements and deadlines from falling through the cracks.

“Mapistry not only simplifies and streamlines previously cumbersome processes, but we will be better equipped to manage, track and optimize the performance of all our environmental and safety compliance programs.”

Robert McGehee, Environmental Manager - U.S. Concrete

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