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Ever found yourself in the middle of a professional conversation and someone starts to throw around industrial stormwater acronyms, and you have no idea what they are talking about? Confused about what the QSE in the IGP has to do with an NOV if you don’t have an NEC? I think we have all been here before. Of course, we don’t ask “what does that acronym stand for”, but instead spend the rest of the day on the internet looking them up. The problem is that some acronyms have multiple meanings depending on what they are related to! In the world of stormwater, which is everyone’s #1 love (no? Just me?), there are many different acronyms. In case you don’t know what they all stand for we decided to write a blog about it!


Industrial Stormwater Acronyms:

  • BMP – Best Management Practices (practices at a facility to prevent stormwater pollution and they are required by the IGP [i.e. Good Housekeeping, Spill and Leak PreventionTraining, etc.])
  • COI – Change of Information (done in SMARTS to update facility info or SWPPP)
  • ERA – Exceedance Response Action (response to stormwater samples exceeding the NAL)
  • IGP – Industrial General Permit (stormwater permit that all industrial dischargers are required to abide by)
  • LRP – Legally Responsible Person (owner, manager, etc who certifies documents in SMARTS)
  • NAL – Numeric Action Levels (the level in which you can not exceed for specific sampling parameters)
  • NEC – No Exposure Certification (granted to industrial facilities under the IGP that have no industrial activities exposed to stormwater ever)
  • NOI – Notice of Intent (the application for a stormwater permit)
  • NONA – Notice of Non-Applicability (for when the IGP does not apply because a facility contains all stormwater on-site or discharges stormwater under a wastewater permit).
  • NPDES – National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (under the Clean Water Act this is the designation for both stormwater and wastewater permits)
  • PPT – Pollution Prevention Team (the team at a facility that is responsible for implementing the SWPPP and BMP to prevent stormwater pollution)
  • QSE – Qualified Storm Event (aka when you need to sample)
  • QISP – Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (the stormwater professional that is certified and required for “New Discharger” SWPPP preparation, Level 1 and Level 2 ERA Evaluation and Report preparation)
  • RL – Reporting Limit (on lab reports for stormwater samples this is the lowest level at which the lab is confident in their results)
  • SMARTS – Stormwater Multiple Application & Report Tracking System (the California Water Board website for stormwater reporting, including “ad-hoc” or sampling reports)
  • SWPPP – Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (the site-specific plan on how a facility will prevent stormwater pollution, this report is required for coverage under the IGP)
Expressions-18.jpg Now that you are an expert on the basic acronyms of the California Industrial General Permit (IGP), please go out and throw them around with some confidence! Have some other questions that need professional stormwater answers?

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