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The COVID-19 pandemic is giving rise to a new set of challenges and complexities for US industrial and manufacturing companies, especially those that depend on both remote and on-site workers. The push to working remotely has highlighted many of the benefits of using digital solutions for environmental compliance, but I wanted to reiterate to our customers and the industry how to best utilize Mapistry for ensuring environmental compliance while working remotely and implementing CDC best practices for COVID-19 regarding social distancing. Below are some of the ways you can take advantage of your Mapistry solution to work better together, and especially in a remote environment:

Build cross-team accountability

Keep tabs on what your facility staff is doing on-site, even if you as an environmental manager or leader are working from home. Mapistry offers both site level and organizational level dashboards to give you a clear view into your inspection status and also dive deeper into corrective actions and follow-up timing. Hear how Todd of Oldcastle Infrastructure is able to leverage Mapistry with COVID-19 changing his operations

Create visibility and collaboration around compliance tasks

Ensure compliance tasks aren’t slipping through the cracks. With Mapistry, empower your team to digitally perform inspections, assign tasks and follow-up on corrective actions. Plus, receive inspection completion and weekly summary emails to keep you up-to-date on the pulse of environmental compliance activities, even if you cannot walk around the facility.

Take advantage of unlimited Mapistry users

There is no additional cost for more users on your Mapistry account and with a range of permissions, even site maintenance staff can be added for corrective action follow up.

Enable virtual access to essential compliance data and documents

For evaluations and audits, access essential environmental compliance information and documents via the Mapistry platform and can reduce or eliminate trips to a facility. For example, Tina, a Lehigh Hanson environmental manager, shared in our recent presentation at the National Association of Environmental Managers (NAEM) that she was able to answer five of her audit questions in Mapistry before even going to the facility. This allowed her to spend more time on site working on problem solving, not flipping through binders or reviewing paperwork.

Automatic recordkeeping for all your compliance activities

Rain events are automatically logged, inspections completed digitally are readily available in PDF, and probably most importantly today with COVID-19, there is no paperwork to handoff and copies of the recent plan (e.g. COVID-19 Response Plan) are instantly available to all.

Utilize our new COVID-19 inspection form

To help you maximize employee health and safety at this time, we’ve rolled out a new COVID-19 inspection form in the Mapistry app, based on guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This form is now available for all Mapistry customers to use, free of charge.

Take advantage of our powerful library of resources

From webinars to e-Learning courses to a built-in product guide, be sure to leverage the digital tools available to you. For example, if your annual stormwater or SPCC training cannot be conducted in-person for facility staff, Mapistry can supply access to multiple  courses from general awareness to advanced stormwater inspections.

Support When You Need It

We are here so reach out via live chat, email (, or give us a call (800) 553-7420.

Create more proactive and accountable teams

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