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Martin Marietta’s own Environmental Director, Erika Guerra, joined us in last week’s edition of Coffee & Compliance, where we talked about the basics of creating and managing a successful environmental compliance program. During the 30-minute session, Erika gave attendees expert insights into overcoming the biggest challenge of environmental compliance – integrating sustainability into your company’s core values.

Drawing on her 20+ years of experience managing environmental programs, Erika revealed the recipe (outlined below) for creating a culture of compliance in which every employee, regardless of their team or title, does their part to support their company’s environmental and safety initiatives.

The Three “Basics” of Creating a Sustainable Culture of Compliance

Good Strategy

Good business strategies incorporate profitability and sustainability goals – you can’t have one without the other. Ensure that your program is supported across teams by incorporating environmental and safety initiatives into your company’s overall strategy.

Good Processes

Next, you’ll need robust processes to support the overall strategy. Good processes are defined by cross-team accessibility to the right tools and training that enables every employee to do their job efficiently and with the company’s sustainability goals in mind.

Good Metrics

Finally, how do you know where your company stands in sustainability and where they need to go? Creating data-driven environmental goals that every team is accountable for is the secret to employee engagement and creating a culture of compliance. Martin Marietta is actually using Mapistry’s analytics dashboards to track their inspections, corrective actions, and overall compliance status.


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