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  If you are one of the approximately 2,200 facilities in California in Exceedance Response Action (ERA) Level 1 this year, you just finished getting your ERA Level 1 Report into SMARTS. Yipee! One of the other requirements for ERA Level 1 sites and and any industrial companies with significant changes to their stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) is to upload a revised SWPPP to SMARTS within 30 days. Significant changes could be industrial operations moved and you need to update your site map or it could be you implemented new Best Management Practices (BMPs) due to elevated zinc (Hey! Check out our recent webinar on zinc sourcs and BMPs). Regardless, SMARTS can be tricky to navigate….who am I kidding, it causes most people to tear their hair out….so below are some steps to submit a revised SWPPP and/or site map:
  1. Login to SMARTS
  2. Click on “Industrial General Permit” on the left
  3. Click on “Application ID” number for your site
  4. Got to the “COIs” tab at the far right
  5. Click “Add new COI”
  6. Select “SWPPP Update”
  7. Go through the steps on the COI and upload a SWPPP and site map as attachments (two separate attachments in upload window)
  8. Certify at the end
If you have problems – email us at, if you are a Mapistry customer. If not, email us anyways to become one.

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