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In December 2016, we ran a zinc specific webinar on sources and BMPs. As a follow up to that webinar and our previous post on zinc, we put together a list of some roof filter BMPs that can be used for aerial deposition of TSS, copper, and/or zinc coming from the roof via stormwater. Note, that I do not endorse any of these products and you can make roof filters yourself with a planter, gravel underdrain, and zeolites. If you are looking for a commercial option, here are a few I have found:  

Media blend of activated carbon and zeolites

Things to Consider

When selecting the perfect BMP, there are many important considerations beyond “Yo how much does it cost?”. For your BMPs, I would be looking at the following:
  • Cost
  • Installation – time, difficulty, and third-party or myself
  • Size and flow rates
  • Maintenance cost & time
  • Media type – does it target my pollutant

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