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The big three (WWIICeltics, etc.) of stormwater permits, municipal, construction and industrial, all have a core component of inspections. While the physical locations may be different, as a scrap metal recycler operates in a way that an earthworks contractor grading a residential subdivision does not, the permits all share an underlying goal: keep pollutants out of stormwater. In addition, the requirements for these inspections can be distilled down to two main parts of the inspection: identify potential pollutant sources and the report on the status of current best management practices (BMPs) or stormwater control measures (SCMs). The best stormwater inspections involve a knowledgeable inspector who pokes and prods a site’s activities and stormwater BMPs to determine deficiencies and necessary corrective actions that ultimately make up what I call “active stormwater compliance.” Potential pollutant sources can come in many forms from leaking backhoes and trucks to non-stormwater discharges, such as wastewater leaks. However, many potential pollutant sources are the everyday activities that drive the money-making activities on a site, such as excavation on a construction site or metal fabrication on an industrial site. Not all production activities cause stormwater pollution, but the focus of the inspection is on where the pollutants can escape the BMPs and cause stormwater issues. It can be tough for production workers to hear that their work is potentially causing a stormwater problem, because “it’s just dirt” or “everyone does it.” This is where the inspection process really should have started before an inspector ever arrived—back when stormwater awareness training was done. And, please don’t tell me you have never done stormwater awareness training (if not, we can help!). After training, every dumpster should look like the picture below! For more on how to get more out of your cattle prod inspections, continue reading our blog post for Storm Water Solutions. Also, check out how Mapistry is simplifying stormwater compliance from start to finish including  inspections, BMPs, creating and updating site maps, and more.

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