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The COVID-19 crisis has escalated the priority of health and safety practices to new heights and EHS programs are being tested like never before. Not only are industrial and manufacturing facilities being asked to rapidly assemble new standards and practices to reduce workers’ risk of exposure, but they must also meet heightened OSHA and CDC guidelines. Join our panel discussion to learn how EHS experts from leading industrial companies are navigating these challenges successfully. From communication strategies to risk assessment and hazard prevention, our panelists will discuss the most pressing health and safety topics facing EHS leaders today, offering practical advice and insights to help you take your health and safety programs to the next level.

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About the 2020 EHS Virtual Summit

Mapistry recently hosted a 2-day virtual event bringing together 500+ of the top minds in EHS management and compliance to discuss how to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving regulatory and risk landscape.


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No problem! Check out a full listing of our session recordings here.

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