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The Mapistry team is excited to announce the most recent addition to our growing catalog of eLearning courses, Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure General Awareness training.  Now, modern manufacturers can train staff efficiently on core elements of SPCC through Mapistry’s interactive eLearning course. Industrial facilities all across the U.S. are required to comply with federal SPCC regulations, proving a daunting task to ensure all staff are trained and given the necessary knowledge to succeed. The new SPCC training course was designed with Mapistry’s SPCC suite customers in mind. Our goal was to provide manufacturing facilities with a simple online training solution to comply with mandatory SPCC requirements without needing to incur exorbitant in-person training costs. Mapistry’s eLearning course will cover the following key points:
  1. What is SPCC and why is it important
  2. What materials are regulated under SPCC
  3. How to read a site map
  4. Identifying oil storage locations
  5. Spill kits and how they are used
  6. Six steps to responding to a spill
  7. How to prevent a spill from happening
All of these learning objectives are covered, in the self-paced course, designed to take about 20-30 minutes. Mapistry’s eLearning courses provide rich, high resolution graphics to deliver a realistic and immersive learning experience for our manufacturing customers. Additionally, our state-of-the-art elearning format delivers user-friendly navigation to help learners complete the course and earn mandatory training credits with ease. Managers can also build reports to understand completion rates and performance seamlessly in the platform. If you wish to host the course yourself, Mapistry eLearning courses are compatible with all Learning Management Systems. Alternatively, Mapistry can host the courses for you which gives you access to completion reports and performance summaries for all of your learners! eLearning provides an on-demand training solution to combat staff turnover, changing regulatory requirements and other day to day challenges modern manufacturers face. In a time of increased oversight and scrutiny, environmental compliance is a top priority for companies, and SPCC compliance ranks high in the risk index. In California, an inadequate SPCC program is the fifth most common CUPA violation with fines ranging as high up to $1,500 per site! Mapistry’s eLearning solution provides individualized training solutions that meet regulatory requirements in addition to providing the necessary awareness to run a healthy industrial environmental compliance program. Our subject matter experts work to design courses that keep the information digestible but actionable to allow staff to master the information and tackle regulations and requirements effortlessly! Click here to get in touch with our experts or to demo one of our eLearning courses today!

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