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Mapistry is excited to announce the latest course to be released into our eLearning Suite, Stormwater Sampling. Mapistry’s eLearning solution provides individualized training solutions that meet regulatory requirements in addition to providing the necessary awareness to run a healthy industrial environmental compliance program.

At a time of unprecedented environmental scrutiny, staff training is a vital tool to dramatically reduce the risk of being penalized, fined, or sued for a minor or major environmental infraction.

Modern manufacturers across the U.S. are embracing eLearning as a method of “microlearning”. Microlearning provides condensed lessons of high impact content that fit together in a larger group of courses. Mapistry’s Stormwater Sampling course allows learners to access highly specialized content in self paced, and digestible manner. The courses are designed to be compelling, engaging and fun. The Stormwater Sampling course covers the following topics broken into 3 components, when, where and how to take a stormwater sample:


  • When to Sample
  • Sampling Timeline
  • Yearly State Specific Requirements


  • Your Site’s Sampling Points
  • Different Types of Stormwater Drains


  • Your Sampling Kit
  • Collecting a Grab Sample
  • Collecting a Sheet Flow Sample
  • Collecting Samples from a Drain Inlet
  • Calibrating your pH Meter in the Field
  • Chain of Custody and Visual Observation DOs and DON’Ts

These training points are vital to ensuring a strong environmental compliance program. Throughout the course, users will learn about a variety of sampling techniques across many different types of sampling locations. The easy to use menu allows users to select videos and lessons in the order they choose. Throughout the learning experience, users will be faced with knowledge checks and interactive videos to help them build a real world understanding of what to do on your industrial site when it rains. Additionally, learners explore the Dos and Don’ts of sampling along with easy to understand illustrations of California’s State requirements.

eLearning provides an on-demand training solution to combat staff turnover, changing regulatory requirements and other day to day challenges modern manufacturers face. Mapistry eLearning courses are available to be hosted on internal Learning Management Systems (via SCORM file) or alternatively Mapistry can host the courses for you!

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