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In a time of unparalleled public and legal scrutiny, air compliance is a growing concern among heavy industrial and manufacturing companies. To help them safeguard their environmental programs, Mapistry is pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our Air Suite with new features to assist in production logging and visual emissions tracking. These new capabilities empower industrial operators to mitigate risk and maximize the quality and performance of their air compliance operations while saving staff time. 

Streamlining Production Logging

Traditionally, monitoring production amounts in accordance with air permit requirements, requires an extensive amount of time, manual effort, and technical expertise to continuously capture and calculate production throughput on an hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Not to mention, production often fluctuates based on availability of materials, weather, and location of job sites. Too often this process can be prone error and lead to quality deficiencies, compliance gaps, fines and legal action because deficiencies go unnoticed and unresolved.

To help solve these challenges, Mapistry’s new production logging feature automates this process from start to finish. With a few simple clicks, source materials and production limits can be added and tracked from our centralized online dashboard. Once entered, users can monitor production data and compliance performance with ease — no more toggling between spreadsheets. They can also take advantage of real-time reporting and alerts to avoid compliance gaps and to ensure production levels stay within healthy ranges. Other key benefits include: centralized recordkeeping, production log charts, and downloadable reports for easy regulatory submission or analysis in business intelligence (BI) tools. This intelligent workflow reduces the risk of error and maximizes efficiency for operations personnel and empowers EHS staff like never before.  

Mapistry production log

Mapistry’s purpose-built production log ensures accuracy and real-time alerts if production trends too close to permit limits

Modernizing Trackout and Visual Emissions Monitoring 

Another powerful component of Mapistry’s Air Suite is the ability to complete visual emissions and track out inspections. Industrial facilities can now utilize Mapistry’s mobile app to conduct visual monitoring in the field and have all the data flow seamlessly back into the Mapistry platform — no more paper inspections! This is particularly useful for our industrial clients required to monitor emissions from multiple sources, multiple times a day, in addition to trackout. With Mapistry’s new workflow, not only can monitoring be completed in the field without WiFi or data connectivity, but staff can document and assign corrective actions to teammates and alert them in real-time. Additionally, users are notified of upcoming inspections and any corrective actions through email alerts, empowering them to tackle the compliance lifecycle from beginning to end. 

mapistry visual emissions tracking

Mapistry’s visual emissions form allows staff to complete inspections efficiently in the field, reducing time wasted and ensuring accuracy

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