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Mapistry is kicking off a big push to improve our environmental compliance analytics! We’ve started by releasing two new reports in your organizational dashboard (click your email in the upper right corner of Mapistry and click “Organizational Dashboard” to check it out). You can now explore how your team is doing on completing inspections and corrective actions. Wondering how frequently your routine stormwater inspections are getting completed across the country? Or maybe you’d like to know if your Arizona sites are creating corrective actions when they do their monthly SPCC inspection. With Mapistry’s new interactive charts and tables, you can answer these questions and much more! Now, EHS professionals, facility managers, and corporate executives can use Mapistry’s analytics dashboards to easily monitor the health of their compliance activities across all of their facility locations. This continuous intelligence is necessary for manufacturing companies that want to see compliance results in real-time:

Check if regular inspections are being completed

Regular site inspections are a crucial element of any successful stormwater program but ensuring that they are actually being completed (and no pencil whipping please) is not so easy. With the new Completed Inspections chart and table, users can see, across their organization, how many inspections are being completed on time or late and how many were never completed at all.  

Track and respond to problems with your inspections immediately

With Mapistry, you receive real-time notifications when problems arise with your water samples. Now you can use the new dashboard to Instantly measure the number of corrective actions that have been created, assigned, and closed. These metrics allow you to proactively analyze and address compliance problems so you can return to compliance quickly and minimize your risk of liability.

Instantly monitor results across locations

Tracking the status of your compliance programs across all your job site locations is essential. It’s now even easier to do this from a single dashboard. With Mapistry, you can drill down into the details of your compliance performance by filtering reports by job site or inspection type. It’s even possible to create better accountability by monitoring corrective action assignments and tracking the average amount of time it takes a site to close out corrective actions. We hope you enjoy the new features! These are enhancements are included free for all our software customers.

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