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For industrial and manufacturing companies that are subject to air permitting requirements, it can be extremely challenging to track air emissions in accordance with operating permit conditions, process limits and requirements. To help alleviate this challenge, I’m pleased to announce that Mapistry has expanded its Air Suite with advanced air emissions logging, tracking, and reporting capabilities. 

Previously, industrial and manufacturing sites would spend countless hours on tedious data entry into spreadsheets with complicated formulas for tracking emissions across an ever-evolving list of source materials. This method of tracking and calculating emissions is not only error-prone, but they can be very time consuming and cumbersome for staff to manage. For example, one of our customers has to track more than 100 emissions sources per month from their manufacturing processes — not to mention, their source materials are constantly changing month-over-month. In addition, if staff changes or turnover occurs, the rationale and sources for these equations is oftentimes lost in Excel sheets or the knowledge transfer does not occur from former staff. Being able to prevent critical data and knowledge loss while reducing the amount of time and effort our customers are spending on these highly technical calculations and compliance tasks was absolutely crucial for us. With the new addition of our emission tracking and reporting features, I’m confident that we’ll be able to remove this burden for our customers moving forward. 

Using Mapistry’s newest Air Suite features, manufacturers can now take advantage of a centralized dashboard to immediately gauge the performance of their emissions activity. With a few simple clicks, emission factors, materials, and calculation settings can be configured in the system. Once entered, our calculation engine automatically monitors and analyzes emissions levels — no more messing around with complicated spreadsheets and formulas! Additionally, staff has access to real-time reporting and alerts to avoid compliance gaps and ensure emission levels stay within permit limits.

What else is included in this release? 

  • Get comprehensive emission and material logging with inventory notes and usage tracking
  • Capture emission factors and limits with deep-linking to references (AP-42, SDS, product specifications, etc)
  • Leverage highly configurable calculation settings including production limits, emission quantities, frequencies, rolling calculations (averages, totals, and more)
  • Visualize and analyze emissions against permit limits across sources, materials, and multiple sources
  • Enable real-time emissions monitoring and visibility with a compliance calendar, downloadable reports, and built-in notifications 
  • Create a powerful audit trail with built-in recordkeeping and annotated notes across your emissions library

Beyond the new emissions tracking and reporting capabilities, Mapistry’s Air Suite also digitizes and standardizes the way facility staff manages and tracks all their required air permit inspections including visual emissions and track out, air equipment inspections (e.g. baghouses and dust collectors), and Method 22. Instead of dealing with paperwork, teams get a digital checklist to perform these inspections with ease from any smartphone, tablet or computer. With teams pushing to collaborate remotely across many facilities, a digital platform enables seamless sharing of information and data. They can also take advantage of our production log and monitoring capabilities to monitor production amounts in accordance with air permit requirements. By providing facilities with a centralized system to manage and track their air compliance, we can help companies gain maximum control, have real-time visibility into their compliance health, and reduce the risk of non-compliance. 

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