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We’re thrilled to announce Mapistry’s recent partnership with U.S. Concrete, an industry leader in the ready-mix and construction materials space. With over 15 business units, U.S. Concrete is a trusted supplier to highly specialized and complex commercial and residential construction projects across the nation.   To keep pace with rapidly changing environmental regulations, technology transformation and emerging legal risks, U.S. Concrete is deploying Mapistry’s software platform to help them elevate and safeguard their environmental compliance operations. Staff will now be equipped with an online dashboard and mobile app to manage and track environmental compliance with greater ease and efficiency. Additionally, teams can now leverage real-time monitoring and reporting to stay on top of ever-evolving compliance requirements.  “Mapistry not only simplifies and streamlines previously cumbersome processes, but we will be better equipped to manage, track and optimize the performance of all our environmental compliance programs,” said Robert McGehee, Environmental Manager for U.S. Concrete A national deployment of Mapistry software began in late 2019 and will continue through Q1 of 2020. Mapistry is delighted to accelerate the expansion of U.S. Concrete’s world class environmental compliance program.  “We’re excited and honored to be partnering with U.S. Concrete to help them adopt new technology to drive a more cost-effective and risk-resilient environmental compliance program” said Allie Janoch, CEO & Co-Founder of Mapistry. “We commend them for embracing digital transformation to continuously improve the quality and performance of their environmental programs.”  

U.S. Concrete is deploying Mapistry’s software platform to advance its environmental compliance operations

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