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With COVID-19 taking the world by storm and impacting manufacturing operations everywhere in the US, environmental managers and attorneys have had to react quickly. There has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding how COVID-19 will impact companies’ compliance obligations from temporary shutdowns to continuous operation. Some regulatory agencies have put out statements on company responsibilities, but a lot remains unknown or ambiguous. In our latest coffee & compliance webinar, we were joined by Samir Abdelnour, a Partner with Hanson Bridgett, and got his perspective on compliance obligations under COVID-19.

Some key takeaways from Samir, similar to how Recology and Oldcastle’s environmental leadership views compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Document exceptions and ensure routine compliance is still being done
  • Communicate early and often with regulators
  • Use the time away from the site to learn (e.g. eLearning) and plan

For those wanting to learn more about how Mapistry’s environmental compliance platform can ensure documentation, enable collaboration with remote teams, and track routine compliance obligations, reach out here.


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