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JCorbs and the Rise of the Gridders

By August 1, 2017January 23rd, 2019No Comments

This title sounds more like a bad Hollywood movie made in a novice director’s parents basement than something that is one of the coolest developments in my stormwater world. Those of you (aka Quick Readers) that know me, know that I like storm drains. I even like them on vacation storm drain man I amThat makes Jeremy Corbyn’s (JCorbs to me) admiration of manhole covers and drains even sweeter. I cannot believe another member of my wolf pack is (maybe) going to be the U.K.’s prime minister!

Corbyn recently outed himself as a “gridder,” much to the delight of drain brains across the pond.

Now, I know there are gridders among my Quick Readers, too. You’ve emailed me pics and info on your storm-drain-seeking adventures far and wide, from Spain (see below) to Poland (coming soon).

So let this be an official call: My fellow drainage aficionadios, send me your best pics of storm drains (!

We’re gonna make a 2018 calendar! And maybe even a “I <3 Manholes” T-shirt! Wait…I’m rethinking that second one.

Our first guest submission is below from Jordan Kenworthy at Georgia Pacific….from a street in Barcelona. Thanks Jordan!