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To help companies with their response to COVID-19, Mapistry released a COVID-19 inspection form free of charge to Mapistry customers. The inspection form depicted below is set up based on Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance on workplace conditions, but can be modified by environmental and EHS managers based on their corporate policies, internal guidance and other regulatory guidance. Our approach was to create a daily inspection form to help ensure best practices were not only implemented, but if a gap existed a corrective action could be taken and instantly communicated to the appropriate staff member. Some of the CDC recommendations for a healthy workplace that may need to be inspected regularly are:

  • Providing hand sanitizer
  • Placing posters about good hygiene practices
  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces

The inspection form identifies measures such as sign posting, hand sanitizers placement, and disinfectant wipe supplies to be confirmed.The inspection frequency can be modified based on the facility and corporate policy, but we recommend daily or more frequently given the dynamic nature of industrial operations and the high infection rates of COVID-19.

If a corrective action is identified during an inspection, such as disinfectant wipes needing to be replaced, an automatic email is sent to the assignee and tracked in the Mapistry dashboard. EHS managers and leaders can analyze both inspection completion rates and corrective action identification and time it takes to close them out.

For more information from the CDC and OSHA on COVID-19 best practices in the workplace, see the resources below:

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