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As an EHS leader, you know the importance of reliable and clean data. So how can you avoid inaccuracies and gaps in your compliance? Automate your data capture.

Gone are the days when a simple typo or missed sampling report can ruin your compliance and cost you millions. With Mapistry’s integrated API, you can get your data straight from the source in real-time, with no human errors. From paper to sensors, data siloes impair your visibility and allow for gaps to happen. If you’re not diligent about keeping your data up-to-date, those gaps can turn into costly fines and lawsuits, damage your reputation, and could even result in facility closures.

What is included in this feature? 

Eliminate the manual entry of data by automating the recording of logged values, useful for tracking things like daily production (e.g. cement, aggregates, clinker), groundwater or dust suppression water usage, waste generated, equipment/generator runtime hours, and water data typically from laboratory reports, such as stormwater, groundwater, wastewater.

Bottom line – Spend less time manually logging data and get peace of mind to know you won’t be making any costly mistakes. Ensure your data paints an accurate picture of your compliance with Mapistry.

Mapistry API Overview

Using Mapistry’s modern REST API, you can retrieve your consolidated data, including information logged manually and historical data in Mapistry (“pull data from Mapistry”), as well as streamline the addition of new values to your compliance data (“push data into Mapistry”).

Retrieve your data from Mapistry (“Pull”

  • Log date
  • Logged item name
  • Logged value
  • Units (e.g. pounds, liters, or mg/L)
  • Data Reporters (Users)

Add new log entries to Mapistry (“Push”)

  • Log date
  • Logged item name
  • Logged value
  • Parameter values
  • Reporting limits
  • Method detection limits
  • Sampling date
  • Analysis date
  • Units
  • Data Reporter (Users)

Want to learn more? 

  • Get more info about Mapistry API  here
  • Request a custom demo with one of our experts

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