How to Prepare for the Stormwater IGP Deadline July 15

The stormwater year is quickly drawing to a close for those under the Industrial General Permit (IGP), this blog shares tips on how to finalize your reports before the deadline.

As the summer days grow longer and hotter (so. much. hotter.), the stormwater year is quickly drawing to a close for those under the Industrial General Permit (IGP). But before facilities can neatly wrap up their 2018-2019 reporting year, there are still two important documents that need to be completed: the Annual Comprehensive Facility Compliance Evaluation (ACFCE) and the Annual Report.  

Although they may sound like they could be one and the same, every IGP veteran knows that the Annual Evaluation and the Annual Report are two distinctly different peas in a pod. For anyone needing a refresher of what each entitles, here is a quick rundown:

It is important to note that while the ACFCE does not have a set deadline, we at Mapistry highly recommend completing the ACFCE before your Annual Report and utilizing it as an opportunity to properly review and prepare your facility for the Annual Report. This way, when it comes time to report your Annual Report into SMARTS, you will know how to answer every question without panic. Another important difference to highlight between the two end-of-year requirements is that the Annual Report consists of a questionnaire that is generated by and submitted on SMARTS, while the ACFCE is expected to be written out by the facility.

Mapistry’s Stormwater Suite can conveniently house all of the important Stormwater documents that you may need to reference during either an ACFCE or Annual Report. This means no more shuffling through giant binders of paper to find that one monthly inspection way back in September.

Also, our unique Annual Evaluation feature allows you to answer questions online to generate a complete Annual Evaluation, and download a copy for your internal purposes! You can even complete it from your phone or tablet!

It’s also important to note the risk of not completing your ACFCE or Annual Reports. In California, third party lawsuits alleging Clean Water Act violations have increased 260% from 2015-2018. Also, nearly 71% of 60 Day Notices alleged a missing Annual Report! Annual Reports and evaluations are a crucially important part of California stormwater compliance.

It is also equally as important the report is submitted and certified in SMARTS. Lastly, if you would like professional help reviewing your stormwater program, our services team successfully completes many of our customer’s ACFCEs and Annual Reports every year and would be happy to add you to our growing list!

Mapistry uniquely offers tech-enabled services, so you can get the hands-on help you need while also automating all of your routine stormwater inspections, recordkeeping, and corrective actions to ensure you stay compliant and mitigate legal risk throughout the year.

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