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Drones for Remote Compliance Inspections and Data Capture

Mapistry's Coffee & Compliance webinar covered drones as an environmental and safety technology can be used by EHS staff for remote compliance inspections, imagery capture, and data analysis.

Drones have been prevalent in the building materials industry for stockpile volume analysis and current imagery capture. However, the use of the same imagery in environmental and safety compliance has shown the broad reach of drones and how operations can leverage their existing asset for other parts of the company.

At Mapistry, we have been pulling imagery and topography from drones into our mapping platform to enable EHS managers quickly update maps and analyze for engineering decisions. In our Coffee & Compliance webinar we chatted with Adam Rice of Kespry about how to best leverage drones for data capture including remote inspections and imagery analysis. Diving into companies’ specific situations, we covered how interior visual analysis could work and also tracking potential pollutant discharges from construction sites using drones.

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